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A.M. Nevidomov

Floodplain Silviculture - New Type of Zonal-geographical Systems of Forest Management

Yu.M. Sharygina

Experience of Growing Rhodiola Rosea in the Botanic Garden of Mari State Technical University

S.A. Kokhansky

Transformation of Swamp Forest Stands under Forestry Measures Influence

A.V. Rodionov

Technological Base of Inexhaustible Forest Management

I.V. Shutov

Economic Classification of Forests

V.A. Bugaev, A.L. Musievsky, V.V. Tsaralunga

Oak Forests in the European part of Russia

G.E. Romanov

Non-wood Forest Resources on the Territory of Educational-experimental Forestry of Petrozavodsk State University and their Utilization

G.A. Chibisov, N.S. Minin

Growth of Pineries Influenced by Thinning Realized 40 Years Ago

B.A. Semenov, V.F. Tsvetkov

Nature of Pre-tundra Forests in European Part of Russia and Forest Management

O.A. Nevolin, S.V. Tretyakov, O.O. Eremina

Productivity of Mixed Pine Forests in European North of Russia and Forest Management

I.N. Zhezhkun, A.N. Zhezhkun

Comparative Efficiency of Target Stands Formation

L.I. Kotova

Botanic Garden of MarSTU – Educational, Scientific and Industrial Base

L.V. Sukhanova

Reproduction of Nectariferous Salix Triandra L. by Branch Cutting

N.A. Razumnikov

Eleutherococcus Senticosus in the Mari El republic

V.N. Karasev, M.A. Karaseva

Ecological-and-physiological Diagnostics of Coniferous Trees Viability

V.A. Solovjev, S.V. Nikolaev

Role of Forest Sector in Carbon Balance of the Leningrad Region

N.Yu. Zhidkova

Methodical Approach to Ecological-and-economic Evaluation of Nature-and-resource Potential of Municipal Forests

I.A. Likhanova

Spruce Culture on Reclaimed Soils of Usinsk Oilfield

S.M. Lazareva

Brief Results of Coniferous Plants Introduction in the Botanic Garden of Mari State Technical University


Growth Progress of Modal Pine and Spruce Stands on Drainage Areas of the European North

L.A. Kovalenko

Assessment of Soil Ecosystem State for Forest Biogeocenoses on Technogenic Territories in Industrial Regions

A.M. Tarakanov

Felling in Drained Forests of the European North

S.I. Rublev, I.A. Alekseev

Wood-destroying Fungi Complex of Sukachev Larch on Natural Habitat Threshold

T.A. Shulyakovskaya, T.Yu. Vetchinnikova

Variability of Physiological Factors in Ontogenesis of Scots Pine (Pinus silvestris L.)


O.G. Avakova, K.G. Bogolitsyn, S.G. Dmitrienko

Determination of Specific Surface Area of Vegetable Cellulose

V.G. Shabalin, M.M. Chemeris, V.V. Konshin

Some Kinetic Regularities of Wood Acylation by Acetic Acid in Presence of Thionyl Chloride in Trifluoroacetic Acid Medium

D.F. Kirillov

Investigation of Stimulating Agents’ Influence of Gum Yield on Resin Apparatus of Siberian Larch

A.M. Kryazhev

Mechanical-chemical Effect on Pulp for Technological Processes Enhancement

P.N. Balakshin

Environmental Problems in Pulp-and-paper Industry of RF

A.V. Vurasko, A.-B.K. Zhvirblite, A.Ya. Ageev, K.A. Efimenko

Investigation of Anthraquinone Effect Efficiency in Birch Soda Pulping. 2. Influence of Anthraquinone on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Pulp.

Yu.G. Khabarov, N.D. Kamakina, G.V. Komarova, L.A. Milovidova

Method of Hexenuronic Acids Determination in Pulp

T.N. Kovtun, F. Kh. Khakimova, S.G. Ermakov

Use of Surface Acting Agents for Pulp Derisination

Yu.G. Khabarov

Methods of Lignin Determination

K.B. Vorontsov, E.D. Gelfand

Treatment of Sulfite Liquors by Liming

T.E. Screbets, K.G. Bogolitsyn, D.G. Chukchin, S.A. Verbitskaya

Change of Dioxanlignin Characteristics after Alkali Treatment in Ethanol Presence

A.J. Kipovsky, V.N. Pialkin, I.I. Belousov, S.A. Prokopjev

Role of Temperature and Time Factors at Ultrapyrolisis of Wood-raw Material

L.I. Selyanina

Betulin Extraction out of Birch Processing Wastes by Alcohol Extraction

I.P. Dejneko

Chemical Transformations of Cellulose under Pyrolysis

O.V. Brovarova, L.S. Kocheva, A.P. Karmanov, I.I. Shuktomova, N.G. Rachkova

Investigation of Physicochemical Properties of Sorbents Based on Vegetable Raw Material

O.G. Avakova, K.G. Bogolitsyn

Vegetal Cellulose: Structure, Characteristics, Application

Yu.D. Alashkevich, V.I. Kovalev, A.I. Nevzorov, V.P. Baranovsky, G.S. Sakash

Transformation Effect of Low-speed Suspension Jet into High-speed Jet

N.I. Yablochkin, V.I. Komarov

Differences in Mechanical Behavior of Cardboard-liners Produced from Primary and Secondary Fiber

N. I. Yablochkin, V.I. Komarov, I.N. Koverninsky, D.A. Dulkin

Fractionating of Secondary Fiber in Centrifugal-hydrodynamic Fractionator

M.E. Efanov

Xanthation of Lignin and Cellulose in Propanol-2 Medium

K.B. Vorontsov, E.D. Gelfand

To Question of Lignosulphonates Discharge Reduction at Sulphite-pulp Mills

V.K. Dubovy

Reduction of Sulphate Mineralization of Recirculated Water when Cooking Paper-like Materials out of Mineral Fibers with Inorganic Binding Agents


сolleagues, friends

In Memory of Georgy I. Chizhov


A.A. Rogov

Optimization of Spare Parts Supply

V.S. Syunev

New Information Technologies as Instrument of Optimal Selection of Logging Machines

A.T. Gurjev, L.V. Abramova, S.V. Torkhov, D.V. Trubin

Functional Modelling of Forestry

V.I. Malygin, P.V. Perfiljev

Experience of Using Parameter Simulation System T-Flex-CAD for Designing Power-industry Objects

T.S. Butorina, E.V. Shirshov, A.A. Ivanchenko

Theory and Practice of Using Neuron Net Technologies in the Educational Process of Higher Educational Institution

A.T. Gurjev, A.A. Blok

Simulation of Forest Machine Complexes Operation

A.Т. Gurjev, S.V. Torkhov, D.V. Trubin

Information Support of Forest Sector Processes


V.I. Malygin, P.V. Perfiljev

Continuous Training on CAD in Engineering Specialties

O.M. Sokolov, Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.N. Fedotov

Scientific-practical Training of Specialists in Preservation of Historical-and-architectural Monuments at ASTU


S.P. Ageev

Probability Characteristics of Power Consumption Processes of Saw-mill Receivers

Yu.L. Leukhin, E.N. Saburov, W. Garen

Influence of Reynolds Number on Aerodynamics of Annular Channel with Swirling Flow

D.A. Bratilov

Mathematical Model of Knots' Diameter for Butt Pine Logs

E.N. Saburov, S.G. Gorokhov, V.K. Lyubov

Aerodynamics of Cyclone Double-chamber Furnace Extension for Wood Wastes Burning

S.G. Gorokhov, E.N. Saburov, V.K. Lyubov

Cyclone Furnace Extension for Wood Wastes Burning

M.V. Efanov

Functional Composition of Oxiammonolysis of Pulp and Lignin

N.I. Yablochkin, V.I. Komarov

Influence of Structure Anisotropy on Deformational and Strength Characteristics of Test-liner

V.M. Maksimov

Development of Scots Pine Stands Resistant to Pine Fungus Based on Composition of Needle Volatile Oil


O.M. Sokolov, E.S. Romanov

Jubilee of ASTU: 75 Years of Serving Education, Science and Production

V.G. Sanaev, A.N. Oblivin, Staff of Wood Transport Department of Moscow State Forest University.

JubileeofA.N. Pimenov

O.M. Sokolov

Members of the Editorial Board of «Lesnoi Zhurnal» celebrating their Jubilee

O.M. Sokolov

Jubilee of Arkhangelsk State Technical University

University Administration and Collective of Moscow State Forest University

Jubilee of N.A. Moiseev

V.K. Popov, M.P. Chernyshov

V.A. Bugaev – the Oldest Teacher and Scientist of Voronezh State Forest Technical Academy (to 80-th birthday)


R.V. Bobrov

Half Century of Serving Russian Forest

I.V. Revyako, A.A. Kulygin, I.I. Revyako, A.M. Lepshov

To History of Steppe Forest Planting on the Don

N.N. Chernov

First Chief Forest Officer of Ural Mining Mills I.I. Schultz


A.V. Voronin

Applied Transport-production Tasks of Planning Work of Forest-industrial Companies

V.A. Kuznetsov

Tasks of Cutting and Gathering Materials in Production Processes Simulation

Ya.F. Molnar, E.N. Ponomareva

Relevance and Technique of Development and Introduction of Standard Wage System for Labor Remuneration of Pulp-and-Paper Mill Employees

Ya.F. Molnar

Work Measurement and Labor Remuneration of Repair Workers at Pulp-and-paper Mills according to Modern Requirements

M.A. Menshikova

Methodological Outlines of Auditing Accounting and Tax Management at Forest Industry Companies

S.A. Cherepukhin

Algorithms and Computing Procedures of Decision Making on Optimum Management of Cleaning Cuttings

A.Yu. Kharitonov, A.V. Plastinin

Technique for Developing Integrated Cost Index of Enterprise

V.A. Chebarev

Investment Strategies of Forest-industrial Companies in Russia

M.D. Kargopolov, V.N. Myakshin

Production and Distribution Study of Regional Forest Industry Products on Interproduct Balance Basis

L.V. Shchegolevа

Mathematical Optimization Model of Wood Raw Material Production and Consumption in Forest-industrial Region

M.V. Losev, A.I. Smirnova

Improvement of Planning System in Forestry

N.P. Chuprov

On Technique of Economic Evaluation and Accessibility of Forest Wood Resources

G.P. Butko

Goods Quality as Basic Element of Competitiveness Support

I.A. Platonov

Use Efficiency Environment of Leasing Operations when Purchasing Forest-harvesting Equipment

M.A. Menshikova

Organization of Internal Audit at Forest-industrial Enterprises


N.A. Babich, V.N. Fenev

Forestry Encyclopedia of Dvinovazhje

V.V. Furyaev

Book on New Subject

V.F. Tsvetkov

Considerable Contribution in Forest Science of Siberia

E.S. Romanov

New Book on Integration

N.A. Babich, A.I. Barabin

Selection and Reproduction of Forest Tree Species

E.N. Martynov

Textbooks on Biology of Animals and Birds


B.N. Ugolev

Kostroma Session of Coordination Council on Wood Science

E.V. Novozhilov, N.I. Bogdanovich

International Seminar in Biotechnology at ASTU


A.I. Hildengorn, M.P. Hudyakov

Technological Models Formation of Machine-building Products for Woodworking Complex

E.N. Pokrovskaya, I.V. Koteneva, A.A. Askadsky

Determination of Sorption Limiting Stage Based on Wood of Different Service Time

D.A. Bratilov, A.D. Golyakov

Sample Process Model of Branchiness of Butt Pine Logs

I.S. Lobanova, G.F. Prokofjev

Calculation of Optimal Radius of Strip Saw Bend at Initial Tension Assessment

L.V. Alexeeva

Assessment Results of Section Formation Conditions of Home Market Sawn Wood when Sawing Assortments according to Circular Beam-collapsing Scheme

G.F. Prokofjev, N.I. Dundin

Main Directions of Woodworking Intensification on Sawmill Equipment

I.I. Ivankin

Programme for Estimating Supply and Output of Sawn Products

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, L.S. Surovtseva, A.S. Malashkin

Influence of Wood Raw-material Delivery Method on its Quality

D.V. Ivanov

Preparation of Raw Material for Sawing at Modern Sawmills

A.R. Birman

Block Parquetof Reduced Wood Capacity

T.K. Kurjanova, A.D. Platonov, V.S. Petrovsky

Hardwood Drying with Preliminary Chemical Treatment

A.E. Alekseev, M.V. Zakharov

Substantiation of Technological Parameters for Circular Form Meter and Assortment Measuring Process

Yu.F. Vorontsov, A. D. Golyakov

Resource-saving Technology of Wood Sawing

L.V. Alexeeva

Designing Small Sawmills Based on Band Saw Machines

N.V. Vileishikova, V.B. Snopkov, N.A. Belyasova

Express-method for Testing Wood-protective Agents

A.V. Starkova

Sawing of Log Parabolic Zone into Workpieces

U.U. Sugaipov

Mathematical Model of Electrokinetic Wood Impregnation Process

A.D. Golyakov, Yu.F. Vorontsov

Specialization of Sawmills

Yu.V. Bugaev

Regression Method of Decision Making Support in Technological Processes Optimization

L.S. Surovtseva, D.V. Ivanov, M.M. Tsarevа

Analysis of Pulpchips Parameters Applied in Pulp-and-Paper Industry

T.K. Kuryanova, A.D. Platonov

Wood Drying and Quality after Chemical Pretreatment

I.I. Ivankin

To Question of Support Types Selection when Determining Initial Stiffness of Band Saws


Yu.A. Shirnin, E.F. Gerts

Stochastic Simulation of Tree Felling under Thinning

P.N. Gagarin, A.N. Vikharev, T.S. Isupova

Radiation-analogous Simulation of Velocities and Turbulent Shear Stress in Submerged Flow or Hydrodynamic Trace

V.N. Korshun

Concept of Forest Machines Designing

M.M. Ovchinnikov, V.I. Mikhasenko

Summarized Diagram for Determining Way and Time of Bundle Rafts' Stop

O.M.Sokolov, A.A. Mitrofanov, V.L. Rymashevsky

Problems and Prospects of Transport Development in Forest industry

V.Ya. Kharitonov

Substantiation of Hydrobrake Parameters for Drafts Stoppage

S.I. Morozov, D.N. Shostenko

Determination of Potential Function Parameters under Compression and Collision of Elasto-plastic Bodies

V.P. Stukov

Improvement of Constructive-technological System of Bridge Framework with Wood-Reinforced Concrete Beams

V.P. Stukov

Peculiarities of Producing Laminated Bridge Beam Made of Glued Wood

A.S. Fedorenchik, S.S. Makarevich, P.A. Protas

Soil Deformation on Technological Elements of Logging Sites Consolidated by Logging Wastes

I.V. Grigorjev, A.I. Zhukova

Coordinate-volumetric Technique of Routing when Developing Cutting Areas by Skidding

P.F. Voitko

Mathematical Model of Formation Process of Timber Cargo Bundle

V.S. Morozov

Mathematical Model for Estimating Bed Thickness of Winter Highways on Bogs

V.K. Kuryanov, D.N. Afonichev

Parameters of Prefabricated Surfacing for Wood Tracks

P.F. Vojtko

Technique and Results of Production Testing of Mobile and Portable Butt Edgers in Log Receiving Ports of Forest-industrial Enterprises

A.I. Pavlov, Yu.A. Shirnin

Technique of Using Diagnostic Information for Selecting Strategies for Replacement of Hydraulic Drive Elements for Forest Machines

A.M. Menshikov, A.M. Kopeikin

Use of Spectral Methods in Engineering Process Studies of Forest-harvesting Production


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