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2008 год

S.I. Degtyareva

Biodiversity of Watershed Oak Forests of Voronezh Region according to Moss Component

V.D. Dorofeeva, V.T. Popova, Yu.V. Chekmeneva

Plants Biodiversity in Arboretum of Voronezh State Forest Engineering University


A.V. Skvortsov, M.P. Chernyshov

Recreation Potential of Forest Resources of Apsheron Resort Region in Krasnodar Territory

Yu.F. Arefjev, O.V. Kireeva, M.M. Mamedov, G.A. Bondareva

Geneticoecological Strategy of Forest and Municipal Stands Protection

D.I. Ashcheulov, A.I. Milenin

Intraspecific Variation of English Oak in Central Forest-steppe and the Caucasus

M.M. Bondarev, V.I. Mikhin

Peculiarities of Field-shelter Afforestation in Kursk Region Conditions

A.V. Balandin, V.I. Mikhin

Forest Reclamation Complexes of Tambov Region

A.V. Balandin, V.I. Mikhin

Ninety Years to Voronezh Higher School of Foresters

N.Yu. Evsikova, N.N. Matveev, O.M. Korchagin, N.S. Kamalova, V.Yu. Zapletin

Scanning of Electric Field in Wooden Plant Stems as Method of Exposing Living State


Differentiation of Natural Birch Populations according to Reproduction Systems

M.V. Kochergina

Phytoncide Properties of Ornamental Plants in Voronezh Conditions

A.G. Krylov

Production Dynamics of Oak Stands in Shipov Forest

V.V. Kruglyak, A.S. Darkovskaya, A.V. Tsaregorodtsev

Protected Natural Territories of Central-Chernozem Areas

O.Yu. Likhatskaya

Problems of Biodiversity Conservation on Protected Nature Territories

A.L. Musievsky, V.V. Tsaralunga

Criteria for Sanitary Felling Assigning in Oak Forests

S.V. Navalikhin

Role of Forest Stands in Protection of Disturbed Areas of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly against Water Erosion

E.A. Mikhina, Ya.V. Pankov

Theory and Practice of Forest Reclamation in Forest-shelter Belts of Lipetsk Region

A.L. Musieevsky, N.V. Esipov, I.A. Nikiforov

Oak Culture in Shipov Forest of Voronezh Region

Ya.V. Pankov, P.F. Andryushchenko, T.P. Dedenko

Peculiarities of Forest Cultures Growth in Chalkpit Landscapes of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly

A.I. Sivolapov

Theory and Practice of System Research of Genetics, Selection and Reproduction of Poplars in Forest-Steppe Zone of Central Chernozem Area in Russia

M.T. Serikov

On Planning Development of Protection Forests for Recreational Purpose

I.V. Treshchevsky, M.Yu. Glatko, E.I. Treshchevskaya

Change of Soil Mixtures Properties in Pits of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly Resulting from Biological Revegetation

V.I. Tarankov, E.E. Melnikov, V.V. Akulov, S.M. Matveev

Dendrologic Aspects of Productivity for Main Forest-forming Species in Central Forest-steppe

I.P. Ushatin, D.N. Mamonov

Cutting and Reforestation in Coniferous Stands of Voronezh Region

N.A. Kharchenko, O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Characteristic of Stomatal Apparatus for Seedling Leaves of English Oak due to Different Shading Conditions

N.N. Kharchenko, D.S. Mironov

Spatial Characteristics of Stem Rotting Caused by False Oak Tinder Fungus

A.I. Chernodubov, E.E. Shelestov

Characteristic of Ash-Oak Cenoses in Central Forest-Steppe

P.E. Yakutov

Oxidation-reduction Properties of Meliorated Landscapes in Western Part of Taman Peninsula

M.A. Kumakova

Cost Estimation of Low-valuable Oak Stands in Voronezh Region


L.T. Sviridov, A.V. Ivanovsky, V.P. Ivanovsky

Purpose Bases of Force Parameters for Wood Division


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