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V.P. Ryabchuk, T.V. Yuskevich

Microscopic Wood Structure of Tapped Introduced Species

G.S. Varaksin, V.I. Polyakov, M.A. Lyuminarskaya

Structure and Growth of Siberian Spruce Cultures in Middle Siberia

P.A. Oskorbin, A.A. Vais

Spatial Pattern Dynamics of Dark Coniferous Forest Stands in Western Siberia

A.I. Buzykin, L.S. Pshenichnikova

Response of Middle-aged Pineries to Cleaning Cutting

O.I. Gavrilova, I.V. Morozova, V.K. Khlyustov

Regularities of Forest Bluejoint Formation on Clear-cut Areas in Bilberry Pine Stands of Southern Karelia

O.S. Zalyvskaya, S.V. Khrushcheva, N.A. Babich

Lead in Soil – Woody Plant System in Urbanized Environment

E.A. Kurbanov

Carbon Budget Simulation in Forest Stands Based on Example of Povolzhje Pine Forests

N.A. Babich, I.S. Nechaeva

Weed Vegetation in Forest Nurseries

N.V. Dyubanova

Ground fires as Factor Limiting Spread of Common Juniper in National Park «Pripyshmin Forests»

M.M. Ustinov, M.V. Ustinov

Commodity Value in Cut Part of Spruce Stands under Selective Felling in Bryansk Region

D.E. Rumyantsev, P.G. Melnik

Influence of Ecological Factors on Forming Technical Properties of Spruce Timber in Tver Region

L.A. Abramova

Analysis of Forest Resources Inventory in the Arkhangelsk Region

V.N. Kositsyn

Dynamics of Forest Organization Works and Prospects of Forest Organization in Russia

E.N. Nakvasina

Assimilation Apparatus as Factor of Scotch Pine Adaptation to Change of Growth Climatic Conditions

A.Yu. Karpechko

Influence of Thinning on Root Saturation of Spruce Stands Soil in Southern Karelia

U.T. Tsay, V.M. Grumans

Estimation of Workers’ Power Inputs in Forest Fire Extinguishing

N.M. Matveev

Peculiarities of Steppe Forests in Extreme South-East of European Russia

B.P. Churakov, A.I. Kandrashkin

Contamination of Pine Stands by Pine Fungus in different Forest Types and its Influence on Timber Yield

I.Yu. Adamovich, E.N. Samoshkin

Mycorhizas of Scotch Pine at Different Levels of Radioactive Radiation

A.V. Tuyunen, A.N. Gromtsev

Landscape-based Optimization of Green Belts Use in Taiga Zone

L.M. Pakhuchaya

Silvicultural Efficiency of Soil Improvement in Dark Coniferous Stands with Siberian Cedar in the High Northeast of Russian European Part

M.D. Evdokimenko

Pyrogenic Digression of Larch Forests of Transbaikalia and Northern Mongolia

N.I. Rozhentsova

Checking Reliability of Forecast for Stands Inventory Characteristics in Thinning

L.V. Zarubina, V.N. Konovalov

Seasonal Dynamics’ Peculiarities of Leaves’ Pigments in Fruticulose-sphagnous Pine Stands

A.G. Gutaev, G.I. Sidorenko

Carbon Balance Analysis of Republic of Karelia and Forest Complex Role

M.G. Romanovsky,  R.V. Shchekalev, S.N. Tarkhanov

Apprоaches to Biodiversity Description of Plain Forests in European Russia

V.A. Ananjev, S.I. Grabovik

Growth and Formation of Birch and Birch-spruce Stands after Melioration and Cutting

S.A. Korchagov, S.E. Gribov

Effect of Forest Fires on Qualitative Characteristics of Scot Pine Timber

G.A. Chibisov, V.A. Gushchin

Silvicultural-economic Assessment of Intermediate Forest Management in the European North

A.L. Musievsky

Thinning in Oak Forests of Forest-steppe Zone

P.M. Mazurkin, A.O.Popova

Distribution Regularities of Spruce Verticils

E.N. Nakvasina

Growth of Half-sibs Interprovenance Hybrids of Scotch Pine in Trial Cultures of Northern Taiga Subzone in Arkhangelsk Region

L.T. Sviridov, N.D. Gomzyakov, A.I. Novikov, A.N. Tomilin

On New Perspective Technological Complex of Machines and Equipment for Forest Seeds Treatment

I.V. Golyadkinа

Main Tendencies of Forest Communities’ Development in Zones Affected by New-Voronezh Nuclear Power Plant

V.V. Kruglyak, N.P. Kartashova

Plantation State in Voronezh Urban Environment

A.S. Novoselov, V.V. Petrik, A.L. Fedyaev

Some Aspects of Resin Productivity of Pine Forests at Forest Improvement Objects in Vologda Region

A.P. Tsarev, V.A. Tsarev

Economic Efficiency of Poplar Shelterbelts

V.A. Kozlov, Ya.A. Neronova, М.V. Kisternaya

Influence of Forestry Measures on Density and Chemical Wood Composition of Scotch Pine

A.K. Gabdelkhakov, A.A. Arslanov

Structure and Productivity of Cultivated Lime Phytomass in Bashkirian Pre-Ural Region

V.V. Chmelev

On New Technology and Combined Tool for Creating Cultivated Coniferous Species by Seeding

O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Anatomical Structure of Sprouts Laminas of English Oak under Different Crops Shading

V.A. Slavsky, E.A. Nikolaev

Comparative Characteristic of Black Walnuts in the Central Chernozem Area and Prospects of their Cultivating

D.N. Torbik, P.A. Feklistov, O.D. Kononov

Natural Reforestation in Spruce Bilberry Forests after Regeneration Felling

R.V. Sergeev, A.I. Shurgin

Reproduction in Vitro of Willow Genotypes with High Content of Bioactive Substances for Plantation Growing on Salicin

S.N. Senkina

Transpiration and Stomatal Resistance of Scotch Pine in Different Growing Conditions

V.P. Shelukho, V.A. Sidorov

Diagnostics and Spread of Birch Bacteriosis in Bryansk Region


A.F. Troyanskaya, A.V. Veliamidova

Current Soil State regarding Pollution with Persistent Organochlorine Compounds due to Use of Commercial Formulation of Sodium Pentachlorophenolate in Arkhangelsk Region

N.A. Matonina, D.G. Chukchin, O.M. Sokolov

Practical Aspects of Electrohydraulic Effect Application for Pulp Treatment

Yu.G. Khabarov, L.A. Pesjakova, N.D. Kamakina, O.V. Brovko

Study of Photometric Reaction of Lignosulfonic Acids with Nitric Acid

V.I. Komarov, E.S. Noskova, E.V. Djakova

Theoretical Aspects Use of Non-linear Destruction Mechanics for Analysis of Viscoelastic Behavior of Paper and Cardboard Structure when Applying Tensile Load

A.F. Troyanskaya, A.V. Veliamidova

Current State of Bottom Sediments of the Onega River Basin on Pollution with Chlorinated Organic Compounds

K.S. Bolotova, E.V. Novozhilov, D.G. Chukhchin, O.M. Sokolov

Dewatering of Waste Water Sedimentation in Pulp-and-paper Production by Compression Method

Yu.V. Shevelev

High Calibration Productivity of Cryostat KP-80

I.K. Gindulin, Yu.L. Yurjev, S.V. Erankin, V.T. Surikov

Cation-exchange Properties of Oxidized Charcoal

M.F. Kiryushina, T.G. Fedulina, M.Ya. Zarubin

Alkaline Pulp Cooking in Presence of Phosphorus Compounds

V.P. Sivakov, V.I. Muzykantova, S.N. Vikharev, S.A. Mishin

Substantiation of Pulp-and-paper Production Maintenance Service by Diagnostics

V.N. Leontiev

System Approach to Improvement of Paper Printing Characteristics

V.I. Komarov, E.Yu. Larina

Hardness Calculation in Bending Fiber Pulp-and-Paper Materials Considering Plastic Deformations in Sheet Plane

V.N. Leontiev

Evaluation of Technological Parameters of Paper Production on Printing Quality Characteristics

A.N. Grachev, R.G. Safin, R.G. Khismatov, A.A. Makarov

Experimental Research of Rate of Wood Mass Decrease in Quick Ablative Pyrolysis

N.G. Chistova, Yu.D. Alashkevich

Preparation of Wood Fiber for Fiberboard Production

N.G. Chistova, Yu.D. Alashkevich

Grinding Process Optimization in Fiberboard Production

Yu.D. Alashkevich, D.V. Pakhar, V.I. Kovalev, E.E. Nesterov

Tacking Building of Disk Mills with Curved Form of Blades

A.V. Kuleshov, A.S. Smolinб  E.V. Novozhilov, A.V. Kondakov

Characteristics of Waste Paper Fibers after Enzymatic Starch Removal

N.S. Epifantsev, Yu.Ya. Simkin

Quality Assessment of Larch Wood Affected by Siberian Silkmoth as Raw Material for Charcoal Burning

A.A. Komissarenkov, L.L. Paramonova, G.F. Pruglo

Synthesis and Application of Zink-kaolinite in Pulp Composition

A.A. Komissarenkov, V.G. Khorkov

Modification of Chalk by Nonionic Surfactant to be Used as Additive for Wastepaper Recovery under Disintegration

A.I. Bezlakovsky, V.K. Dubovyj

Bond-formation in Mineral-fiber Composites of High Strength

V.I. Komarov, L.A. Blinova, V.A. Spiridonov

Possibility of Determining Magnitude of Friction Force in Structure of Fiber Pulp-and-Paper Materials

P.V. Kaurov, N.N. Kokushin

Comparison of Calculation and Experimental Data at Paper Stock Dewatering by Hidrofoils


I.V. Evdokimov

On Teaching History of Forestry at Higher Education Institutes


A.E. Piir, A. Yu. Vereshchagin, V.B. Kuntysh

Technique of Design and Calculation of Heat Transfer in Heaters of Timber Drying Kilns Made of Bimetallic Ribbed Pipes

M.Yu. Veretnov

On Enhancing Efficiency of Forest-harvesting Processes under Intelligent Support of Flow Sheets Elaboration

I.V. Levitskaya, E.N. Samoshkin

Viability of Spiraea Salicifolia’s and Spiraea Japonica’s Pollen in Differenet Ecological Conditions

S.A. Korchagov, S.E. Gribov

Quality of Spruce Wood in Cultures Created according to Different Technologies

A.A. Zakharova

Preliminary Results of Introducing Abies Genus Species in Central Russia

V.I. Malygin, V.A. Stenin

Mathematic Simulation of Heat Conductivity in Wood Cutting

Yu.A. Frolov, S.N. Shtrakhov

Basic Indices of Resin Productivity in Pine Stands for Standard Calculation

S.P. Ageev

Power Use Factors of Frame Saws

V.K. Lyubov, V.V. Goryunov

Survey Results of Operation Efficiency of Wood Pellets Plant

D.E. Chalykh, A.V. Ovodov, E.D. Gelfand

On Cyclicity of Annual Ring Formation for Cultivated Pine

L.V. Alekseeva, A.N. Desnev

To Assessment of Resources of Sawmilling Waste Wood

A.V. Koptina, A.I. Shurgin, A.V. Kanarsky, Z.A. Kanarskaya, E.Yu. Tarasova, M.Ya. Tremasov

Efficiency of T-2 Mycotoxin Adsorption by Bark of Willow Salix Acutifolia L.


Staff of forestry faculty of Saint-Petersburg Forest-Technical Academy

Jubilee of Professor A.S. Tikhonov

Administration of Arkhangelsk State Technical University, employees of forestry faculty, colleagues and followers

Alexander I. Barabin (by 70th Birthday)

ASTU administration and staff, Institute of Ecological Problems of the North, colleagues and followers

Konstantin G. Bogolitsyn – 60 Years Old

Administration of Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Editorial Board and Editorial Staff of «Lesnoi Zhurnal»

Jubilee Holders of «Lesnoi Zhurnal»

M.P. Chernyshov, A.N. Smoljanov,

Jubilee of V.A. Bugaev

Northern Scientific-research Institute of Forestry, Arkhangelsk State Technical University, colleagues, friends

Glorious Jubilee of Academician N.A. Moiseev


O.A. Nevolin

Inexhaustible Mine of Knowledge about Forest Organization and Forest Management. Second issue of major work by M.M. Orlov

I.A. Zakharenko

Description of Primorsky Region Forests in the Far East


N.M. Bolshakov

New Approach to Forest Management

N.E. Egorov, A.P. Isaev

Formation of Innovation-industrial Cluster of Forest Complex in Sakha Republic (Yakutia)


B.N. Ugolev, Ya.N. Stanko

Session of Coordination Council for Wood Science


G.F. Prokofjev, I.I. Ivankin, L.A. Kovalev

Determination of Wood Sawing Accuracy of Circular Saws by Analytical Method

V.I. Malygin, N.V. Lobanov, L.V. Kremleva

Optimization Methods and Quality Assessment of Wood-milling Cutters in Bench-testing and Mathematic Simulation. III. Investigation of Design Parameters Infmence on Dynamic Quality of Assembly Cutters in Bench-testing Simulation

B.D. Rudenko

Characteristics of Wood-cement Composite when Using Square Chips

S.P. Ageev

Energetic Characteristic of Cutting Mechanism of Frame Saw

P.Yu. Bunakov, A.V. Starikov, V.N. Kharin, A.A. Starikova, S.Ya. Gusev

Perspective Computer-aided Design of Compound Cabinet Furniture: Conceptual Basics, Design Paradigm, Realization Peculiarities

V.I. Malygin, P.V. Perfiljev

Optimization Methods and Quality Assessment of Wood-milling Cutters under Bench and Mathematical Simulation. IV. Analytical Methods of Quality Assessment of Wood-milling Cutters according to Deformation Mode

V.F. Dunaev, V.V. Dunaeva

Knots Influence on Sorted Output of Sawn Timber

Yu.M. Yurin, V.I. Malygin

To Computation of Voltages in Overlaying of Feeders in Pulp-and-paper Production

L.V. Alexeeva

Utilization Factor of Low-capacity Timber Flow Based on Single-blade Band-saw Machine

S.P. Ageev

Energy Characteristic of Electric Drive for Cutting Mechanism of Saw Frame

A.E. Alekseev, O.I. Bederdinova

Mathematical Model of Determining Productivity of Timber Flow Based on Single-blade Radial Saw Machine

V.I. Konyashkin

Theoretical Strain Analysis of Cutting Part of Нardened Tool

B.D. Rudenko

Gypsipolymeric Composite on Wooden Particles Basis

A.E. Alekseev, V.P. Emeljanov, N.I. Markin

Investigation of Linear Drive Parameters of Cutting Angle for Swing Butt Device

V.K. Pashkov, S.V. Shchepochkin

On Heat Balance of Wood Cutting Process by Circular Saws

A.S. Toropov, S.A. Toropov, E.V. Mikryukova

Investigation of Wood Affected by Stump Rot

S.P. Ageev

Classification and Properties of Energy Characteristics for Saw Frames

A.V. Prokhorov, I.O. Dumansky

Increase of Elastic and Deformation Characteristics of Tensioners for Bandsaw Machines

G.A. Balantsev, N.B. Balantseva

Development of Computation Methods for Moisture Transfer in Wood Drying

A.E. Alekseev, V.P. Emelyanov, N.I. Markin

Substantiation of Cutting Unit Parameters for Swinging Trimming Device with Linear Drive

V.N. Kuritsyn, E.M. Tyuleneva

Experimental Specification of Rheological Wood Model

E.N. Pokrovskaya, I.N. Chistov, N.V. Velikanova, G.N. Kononov

Chemical Transformations of Wood under Long Contact with Soil

P.Yu. Bunakov

Theory of Technological Accompanying as Integration Basis for Design, Technological and Economic Information in Complex CAD of Cabinet Furniture

A.V. Artemov, V.G. Buryndin, V.V. Glukhikh, V.G. Dedyukhin

Study of Physical-mechanical Properties of Wood Plastics Got by Extrusion

A.E. Alekseev, S.V. Butakov

Experimental Assessment of Determining Wood Materials Volumes by Gas-dynamic Method


P.N. Perfiljev, A.A. Mitrofanov

Study of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Bars Made of Flat Raft Sections

B.A. Potekhnin

Improvement of Friction Units in Machines and Mechanisms of Forest Industry

D.T. Ankudinov, L.T. Raevskaya

Investigation of Design Parameters Influence on Deflected Mode of Air Motor

G.A. Borisov,V.D. Kukin

On Optimization of Forest Road Network Parameters under Contemporary Conditions

V.M. Zalozhnykh, V.P. Bychkov

Limiting Freight Turnover of Soil and Winter Wood Tracks

A.N. Zaikin

Simulation of Logging Machines Operation Modes

Yu.A. Shirnin, V.I. Chernyakevich

Soil Foundation Stress and Deformation of Reinforced Concrete Slabs in Forest Roads

V.Ya. Kharitonov

Inertial Characteristics of Rafts Stopped by Anchors

V.A. Gryazin

Energy Intensity as Factor of Felling-Skidding Machine Productivity

S.I. Morozov, A.A. Popov

Methods of Determining Parameters of Materials at Two Bodies Collision

E.A. Tarasov

Investigation of Recuperative Elements Efficiency of Tractor’s Undercarriage by Simulation Dynamic Model

D.G. Myasishchev, A.F. Prokopjev

Substantiation of parameters and components choice of miniforwarder chassis for young growth tending

A.S. Milyaev

Strength Calculations for Wood Tracks Design with Loose Surfaces for Track-type Machines Motion

V.A. Gryazin

Influence of Natural Conditions on Energy-capacity of Skidding by Tractors with Cable Equipment

A.F. Pavlov, F.A. Pavlov

Wood Roads with Deep Drainage of Road Bed

A.P. Sokolov, Yu.Yu. Gerasimov

Geoinformation System for Solving Optimization Problem of Transport Logistics for Round Timber

E.I. Bavbel, P.A. Lyshchik

Substantiation of Forest-transport Networks Placement

V.N. Shilovsky, G.Yu. Golsсhtein

On Investigation of Parametric Failure of Hydraulic System for Chokerless Tractor Manipulator

A.P. Konovalov, A.A. Seliverstov

Comparison of Technological Processes of Logging Operations according to Complex Efficiency Criterion

V.I. Posmetjev, O.S. Alimova

Efficiency Assessment of Needles Separation by Traditional and Perspective Methods

I.E. Dontsov

Increase of Course-keeping Ability of Combined Machine-tractor Aggregates in Reforestation

Yu.A. Shirnin, V.I. Chernyakevich

Study of Pavement Plates Stress by Photoelasticity Method

P.N. Perfiljev, V.A. Barabanov, A.A. Mitrofanov

Design Technique of Lines’ Characteristics Made of Flat Raft Sections for Timber Rafting in Curve River Reaches

V.S. Morozov, E.G. Fomin

Investigation of Rheological Characteristics of Frozen Peat

A.M. Kochnev

Mathematical Model of Power Circulation in Wheeled Skidder Transmission


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