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gritique and bibliography

L.F. Ipatov



N.A. Moiseev

Problems of Forest Sector and its Legislation Support

V.F. Tsvetkov

To Concept of Ordering and Perfection of Forest Management in European North of Russia

A.N. Davydychev, A.Yu. Kulagin

Characteristic of Juvenile Period in Long Life Cycle of Siberian Spruce in Deciduous-coniferous Forests of Ufa Plateau

E.V. Doronicheva, A.A. Martynyuk

Experimental Substantiation of Allowable Impact of Acid Fallouts on Birch Ecosystems

A.I. Gorkin

Results of scientific research are provided, the indices necessary to be used in calculations are defined.

A.M. Nevidomov, N.V. Petukhov

Landscape-holocoenotic Characteristic of Nature Monument in Nizhny Novgorod Povolzhje “Woodland Including Geographical Forest Cultures of M.G. Zdorik”

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Spruce Growth under Canopy of Southern-Taiga Birch Forests and after their Cutting with Undergrowth Preservation

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Japanese Pear in Middle Volga Region

I.A. Freiberg, S.V. Zalesov, N.A. Lugansky

Forest-growing Zoning of Trans-Ural Forest-steppe

V.M. Maksimov

Study on Interaction of Pinus sylvestris L. Resin Productivity with Monotherpene Content in Usman and Khrenovsk Pine Forests

O.F. Butorova, K.V. Shestak

Phenology of Introduced Plants in Arboretum of Siberian State Technological University

E.V. Bazhina, P.A. Aminev

Peculiarities of Seed Productivity and Shoot Morphology of Fir Trees Affected by Melampsorella Cerastii Wint

E.V. Bazhina, P.A. Aminev

Response of Annual Radial Increment to Environment Depending on Degree of Birch Stands Tolerance

V.V. Korovin, N.V. Malshchukova, R.V. Shchekalev

Growth of Middle-aged and Ripening Pine Stands on Water-collection Area of Gorky Water-storage Reservoir

V.V. Korovin, N.V. Malshchukova, R.V. Shchekalev

Population Adaptations of Gold-beetles in Mountain Forests of Ore Altay

Yu.T. Tsai, V.M. Grumans

Determination of Optimal Daily Food Allowance for Forest Firemen

A.Yu. Kulagin, A.N. Davydychev

Peculiarities of Fir Trees Growth at Initial Ontogenesis Stages in Broad-leaved-coniferous Forests of Ufa Upland

E.V. Koltunov

Defoliation Factors of Birch Crown in Forest-steppe of Zauralje in Conditions of Anthropogenic Impact

V.P. Shelukho

Management of Coniferous Forests in Regions of Technogeneous Impact

O.F. Butorova, E.A. Pokhabova

Introduction of Manchurian Walnut in Arboretum of Siberian State Technical University

S.V. Rybkina, M.V. Belyakov

Use of Optical Radiation for Simulation of Seed Germination of Common Spruce

M.V. Kisternaya, Ya. A. Aksenenkova

Change of Anatomic Structure of Pine Timber under Influence of Forest Management Measures

E.V. Yurkina

Composition and Functional-and-biocoenotic Structure of Entomofauna in Pineries under Different Degree of their Anthropogenic Disturbance

S.I. Gorbunova

Seed Germination of Coniferous Plants of Different Geographical Samples

V.P. Shlapak

Phytomass of Pine Top in Pure and Mixed Cultures of Cherkassy Pineries

F.M. Khabibullina, T.A. Tvorozhnikova

Role of Micromycets in Transformation of Plant Residues in Bilberry-moss Spruce Forests of Middle Taiga

B.V. Raevsky, A.A. Mordas, A.A. Iljinov

Variability and Correlation of Morphological Characteristics and Biometric Indices for Scotch Pine and Norway Spruce Seedlings

A.I. Gorobets, A.P. Maksimenko

Results of Willow Plantation Growing in Krasnodar Krai

V.G. Krasnov, V.F. Krasnova, I.A. Alekseev, A.S. Yakovlev

Sanitary State of Artificial Stands of English Oak in Middle Povolzhje

V.P. Shlapak

Roots Phytomass in Pine Cultures in New Subors and Sudubravas

N.P. Bratilova

Influence of Cotyledon Number on Growth of 25-year Siberian Cedar in Plantation Cultures

R.N. Matveeva, O.F. Boutorova, N.P. Bratilova

Propagation of Cedar Pines on Hybrid-seed Orchard in Krasnoyarsk Suburban Zone

G.D. Glavatsky, Yu.T. Tsay, V.M. Grumans

Optimization of Labor Protection and Safety Measures System for Forest Fire Fighters

V.D. Shulga

On Justification of Ways of Establishing Fully Sustainable Stands in Steppe

V.F. Tsvetkov

Formation of Plantations

A.V. Gryazkin

Rational Economic Activity as Way of Regeneration of Forest Ecosystems Potential


F.Kh. Khakimova

Bisulfite Pulp from Mixtures of Thin Wood of Various Species and Spruce Pulpwood

E.N. Kosareva, N.I. Bogdanovich

Ecotoxicological Control of Sewage by Biotesting Methods at Pulp-and-paper Mills

M.V. Emeljanova, D.G. Chuhchin, E.V. Nоvozhilov

Prospects of Using Lipase in Pulp-and-paper Production

L.N. Grigorjev, O.A. Shanova, T.A. Alexandrova

Hydrogen Sulphide Formation in Process of Lime Sludge Burning

E.V. Djakova, V.I. Komarov, E.S. Noskova

Stability to Crack Initiating and Growth in Structure of Pulp-and-paper Materials

A. S. Aksenov, D.G. Chukhchin, E.V. Novozhilov, S.V. Benevolinsky A.M. Chulkin

Impact of Fractions of Xylanases Enzymatic Agents on Sulphate Pulp Brightness

M.A. Ageev

Experimental Research of Air Bubbles Movement through Fiber Net of Waste Paper

N.L. Ivanchenko, K.G. Bogolitsyn, A.N. Shkaev, E.F. Potapova

Studying Guaiacol Solvation in Water-ethanol Media by Using Voltammetry Method

K.G. Bogolitsyn. T.E. Skrebets, A.Yu. Kozhevnikov, E.E. Lebedintseva

Alkaline Pulping with Organic Dissolvent

A.P. Karmanov, L.S. Kocheva, D.V. Kuzmin, O.V. Brovarova, M.V. Mironov, V.Yu. Belyaev

Solution Properties and Conformational Characteristics of Dioxanelignin Macromolecules

V.A. Suslov

Efficiency Enhancement of Worked-out Cooking Liquor Recovery of Pulp Enterprises

V.I. Komarov, M.A. Kholmova

Influence of Kappa Number of High-Yield Sulphate Softwood Pulp on its Viscous-elastic Characteristics

V.I. Antonov, V.I. Yagodin

Impact of Siberian Fir Bark Treatment on Product Yield and Quality

S.A.Prokopjev, Yu.N. Pilshchikov, Yu.A. Molodtsev, A.Ya. Kipovsky, V.N. Piyalkin

On Possibility of Recovering Bio-oil from Wood Wastes

E.A. Shevnina, D.G. Chukhchin, V.I. Komarov, O.M. Sokolov

Variants of Applying Wood Destructed by Plasma-chemical Method in Pulp-and-paper Production

N.V. Koryakovskaya, V.K. Popov

Use of Fractal Theory for Assessment of Structural Irregularity of Paper Web

M.A. Ageev, A.I. Korotky

Motion of Air Bubble in Fiber Suspension under Flotation

V.I. Antonov, V.I. Yagodin

Extraction Processing of Wood Green of Siberian Fir and Pine

L.P. Majorova

On Some Peculiarities of Chemism of Sulphite Alkaline Cooking of Birch Wood

N.I. Polezhaeva

New Products with Colophony Produced under Complex Processing of Fir and Siberian Larch Bark

P.A. Tupin, D.G. Chukhchin, O.M. Sokolov

Cryoscopic Method for Determining Enzyme Activity in Pulp-and-paper Production


F.V. Kishenkov, M.N. Nerush, V.I. Rubtsov, M.A. Senyushchenkov

Development of Program-methodical Module for Studying Course «Ecology of Bryansk Region». Section «Bryansk Forests»


В.А. Суслов, В.С. Куров, П.В. Луканин, А.Н. Иванов, А.Л. Ашкалунин.


В.А. Суслов, В.С. Куров, П.В. Луканин, А.Н. Иванов, А.Л. Ашкалунин.



N.N. Nevolin, I.V. Evdokimov

Heavy Metals and Arsenic in Bilberry Pine Forest Vegetation

A.M. Antonov, N.A. Babich, D.Yu. Konovalov,V.I. Melekhov, A.L. Moseev

Digital Method of Studying Wood Structure

R.N. Galiakhmetov, Yu.A. Varfolomeev

Synergy Effect Formation in Antiseptics

G.A. Shepel, V.F. Nadein, N.B. Balantseva

On Coefficient of Wood Thermal Diffusivity

V.K. Lyubov

Reducing Environmental Pollution

N.M. Petukhova

Architectural Complex of Vologda–Arkhangelsk Railroad

A.L. Nevzorov, A.A. Korshunov

Investigation of Tailing Deposits Characteristics as Source of Technogeneous Load on Environment

B.A. Mochalov, A.O. Senkov

Growth of Bare-root and Containerized Pine Seedlings in Cultures of Taiga Zone

V.I. Malygin, P.V. Perfiljev

Use of Computer-assisted Design System for Modeling Wooden Houses Made of Round Logs

Yu.L. Leukhin, E.N. Saburov, I.A. Usachev, W. Garen

Influence of Reynolds Number on Aerodynamics of Cyclone Loaded Chamber

V.K. Lyubov

Investigation of Thermomechanical Destruction of Solid Fuel Particles

V.M. Borovkov, E.M. Mikhailova

Efficiency Increase of Heat Supply System

I.M. Strelkov

Increase of Circular Saws Wear Resistance by Method of Laser Heat Treatment

R.N. Galiakhmetov, A.Yu. Varfolomeev

Manufacturing Testing of New Antiseptic on Spruce Sawn Timber

V.K. Lyubov

Increasing of Operating Efficiency of Boiler Plants


V.A. Suslov, V.S. Kurov, P.V. Lukanin, A.N. Ivanov, A.L. Ashkalunin

Saint-Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers Has Been Training Engineers for Russian Pulp-and-paper Industry for 75 Years

Employees of Institute of Biology of Komi Scientific Centre of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

Jubilee of Gennady M. Kozubov

Colleagues, followers

Jubilee of Nikolay A. Babich


A.I. Rybalkin

Report on Forests of Russian Empire

O.A. Nevolin

Glorious Jubilee of Forest Chronicle (to 175th anniversary and 50th  anniversary of the series «Proceedings of Higher Educational Institutions »)


E.S. Romanov, I.V. Lavrova

Variety of Limitation Forms for Accessibility to Forest Resources

V.K. Rezanov, V.V. Shikhalev, A.V. Skurskaya

Model of Concentration Processes Control in Forest Complex of Polyforest Region

A.P. Chistyakova

Minimization of Transaction Costs as Factor of Increasing Efficiency of Forest Complex

I.E. Shadaeva

Assessment of Functions Separation in Forestry Enterprises

I.R. Shegelman, M.N. Rudakov

Budget Efficiency of Forest-industrial Complex of Karelia: Problems and Prospects

E.S. Romanov, I.V. Lavrova

Evolution of Economic Relations of Enterprisers – Suppliers and Processors of Wood Raw Material

V.I. Mosyagin, Pei Yanzhao

Economic Efficiency of Using Secondary Wood Resources for Energy Purposes


L.V. Shchegoleva

Production Process with Use of Secondary Resources of Tree Biomass


B.N. Ugolev

All-Russia Conference and Session of Regional Coordination Council for Modern Problems of Wood Science in Krasnoyarsk


A.S. Milyaev

Determination of Soil Reaction Coefficient when Calculating Structure of Circular Cross-section in Elastic Medium

Ya.I. Sokolovsky, M.V. Dendyuk, B.P. Poberejko

Simulation of Deformational-and-relaxation Processes in Wood Drying

A.A. Bannikov, G.F. Prokofjev, I.I. Ivankin

Accuracy Increase of Wood Sawing on Band Saws

N.V. Sheshunova, B.K. Mikhajlov

Development of Methods for Forecasting Wood Deformability Taking into Account Humidity

A.S. Smetanin, T.V. Tsvetkova

Increasing Efficiency of Sawmill Production

A.G. Chernykh, L.V. Ilyushenkov

Determination of Annual Rings Tilt Angles on Timber Butt-ends by Scanning

S.B. Vasiljev

Influence of Equipment Parameters on Chips Sorting Process

V.A. Katsadze, D.V. Vinogradov

Volume Impregnation of Wood by Centrifugal Method

D.V.Ivanov, S.V. Burov

On Supplying Sawmills with Sawlogs

S.P. Ageev

Energy Characteristic of Electric Drive of Barking Mechanism of Rotor Debarking Machine

A.M. Buglaev

Mobile Woodworking Equipment for Processing of Small-dimension Wood

I.V. Milchenko

Roughness of Timber Sawn by Frame-saw

V.V. Sergeevichev

Mathematical Model of Rolling Wood Materials in Roll Presses

G.A. Pilyushina, E.A. Pamfilov

Enhancing Operational Capacity of Sawmill Equipment

S.V. Petukhov

Substantiation of Operational Parameters for Mechanism of Cutting Angle Transfer in Butt Saw

V.A. Ermichev, P.V. Tikhomirov

Calculation of Spur Gears Transmissions for Forestry Machines

S.P. Ageev

Energy Operating Mode of Debarking Machines

S.B. Vasiljev, I.V. Simonova

Influence of Disc Chipper Characteristics on Chip Quality

L.S. Surovtseva, M.M. Tsareva

Wood Loss under Preliminary Slat Trimming

I.T. Glebov

Calculation of Tangential Force in Wood Cutting

Yu.I. Tsoj, S.M. Krutov, A.Yu. Marchuk

Physico-chemical Processes in Painted Samples of Wood after Climatic Ageing

A.V. Pitukhin, Yu.V. Yanyuk, E.A. Pitukhin

Management of After-flotation Chip Drying Process

A.V. Sergeevichev, A.Yu. Volkov

Production of Cylinderized Logs and Processing Accuracy

V.N. Glukhikh

Elastic Deformability of Wood across Grain

O.I. Bachin

Crack Resistance of Steel for Circular Saws Manufacture


V.Ya. Kharitonov, S.V. Posypanov

Experience of Introducing Transport Package instead of Drift Floating

V.I. Posmetjev, E.V. Pukhov

Motion Simulation of Wheeled and Tracked Machines on Clear-cut Areas

O.V. Murashova, A.A. Mitrofanov

Investigation of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Flat Raft Sections on Models and in Natural Conditions

I.R. Shegelman, L.V. Shchegolevа, L.V. Lukashevich

Substantiation of Forest Roads Operating Period

A.V. Pitukhin

Methods of Catastrophe Theory when Designing Elements of Machines and Equipment of Forest Industry

A.M. Menshikov. A.M. Kopejkin

On New Analysis and Interpretation Method for Technological Process in Forest Harvesting

N.N. Butorin

Map Road Tracing on Computer Monitor

S.I. Morozov, M.V. Popov

Theoretical Bases of Investigation of Traffic Accidents

O.G. Klimov, E.V. Dronicheva

Concentration of Contaminants Released by Forest Tractors

A.I. Pavlov, Yu.A. Shirnin

Investigation of Dynamic Hydraulic Drive of Delimber

F.A. Pavlov, V.V. Kazantsev, M.A. Myasoedov

Development of Consumption Rate of Diesel Oil for Run of Logging Trailer Unit

S.M. Bazarov, V.D. Valyazhonkov

Development of Cycles and Semi-cycles Theory in Techno- and Naturegenesis for Different Technological Processes in Forest Harvesting

F.A. Pavlov, T.V. Chelysheva

Road Base Strength Assessment Weakened by Road Bed Layer Thawed in Spring

On New Methods for Efficiency Increase of Maintenance Service of Timber Trucks Based on GIS Technologies

V.P. Stukov

Design-technological System of Bridge Superstructure with Wood-Reinforced Concrete Composite Beams

E.I. Platonov

Machine for Log Impact Debarking with Cross Feed

V.A. Ilinsky, S.I. Morozov

Determination of Force Function Parameters under Collision of Wooden and Metal Bodies

N.S. Ivanova, P.M. Mazurkin

Distribution of Birch Trees on Cutting Area according to Thickness Steps and Merchantability

V.P. Stukov

Peculiarities of Bridge Construction in the European North

K.P. Rukomojnikov

Way of Cutting Area Development

V.I. Varava, V.P. Antipin, E.N. Vlasov, G.V. Karshev, A.P. Tokin

Power Inputs of TB-1 Tractor

S.S. Sinitsyn

Justification of Power Transmission for Wheeled Timber-hauling Machines

N.S. Ivanova

Regularities of Harvesting Volumes and Yield of Veneer Logs


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