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gritique and bibliography

V.V. Petrik, A.I. Barabin, G.S. Tutygin

New Edition of Textbook «Forest Cultures»

S.K. Doev

New Textbook

N.N. Chernov

Alternative Textbook


Z.Ya. Nagimov, O.V. Sustavova

Formation Peculiarities of Tree Top Phytomass in Artificial Pine Forests of Steppe Zauralye

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Living Ground Cover in Different Ground Types of Dzhabyk-Karagay Pinery

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Influence of Environment Temperature Rise оn Formation of Ground Vegetation near Smoke Jet

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Micromycets of Forest Soils in Pine Stands Growing in Technogenic Pollution Zone

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Peculiarities of Lime-tree Forests Formation of Nectar Forest Management

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Pollutants Deposition by Suburban Forest Soils in the Middle Ural

E.A. Zoteeva, A.P. Petrov, A.V. Kapralov

Forest Community of Natural Park “Samarovsky Chugas”

V.A. Pomogaeva

Intensification of Growing Scotch Pine Seedlings by Untraditional Organic Fertilizers

A.V. Skok, I.N. Glazun, E.N. Samoshkin

Influence of Chronic Ionizing Radiation on Mitosis Phase Duration and Chromosome Abnormality of Scotch Pine

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On Radioactive Pollution of Cowberry in Forest of Bryansk and Kaluga Regions

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Distribution of 137Cs according to Soil Profile in Forest Ecosystems of Alienation Zone in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on the Bryansk Region Territory

I.N. Glazun

Viability Dynamics of Scots Pine Pollen in Alienation Zone of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station

V.I. Shoshin, M.Yu. Smirnova, S.I. Marchenko, V.A. Egorushkin

Forest Cultures of Bryansk Experimental Forestry

A.I. Sokolov, V.A. Kharitonov, T.I. Krivenko

New Mechanisms for Cultivation on Clearcuts in Conditions of Karelia 

A.L. Yurjeva

Influence of Soil Preparation and Planting Material Type on Growth and Development of Pine Forest Cultures

D.A. Korepanov

Underflooding Duration of Soil Horizons in Main Coniferous Stand Types of Area between Volga and Kama

L.M. Kavelenova

To Ecological Discomfort Assessment of Wooden Species-Introduced Trees in Town Planting

A.V. Rodionov

Efficiency Assessment of Forest Stock Development

B.P. Churakov, E.S. Lisov

Influence of Mycorrhizas’ Density on English Oak Self-seed in Oak Forests of Ulyanovsk Region

V.V. Petrik

Link of Resin-productivity of Scotch Pine with Some Morphological Characters of Cones and Seeds

D.A. Korepanov

Forestry Efficiency of Pine Stands Drainage in Taiga Zone of Area between Volga and Kama

M.N. Egorov

Phenotypic Structure of Natural Stand of Scots Pine in Central Chernozem Area (Usman Pine Forest)

A.Kh. Gasisullin

Regional Peculiarities of Soil Formation and Forest Soils of Middle Роvolzhje Central Part

V.M. Ivonin, O.V. Perfiljev, I.V. Voskobojnikova

On Influence of Soil Density onErosion under Anthropogenic Digression of Mountain Forests

N.N. Kharchenko

Territorial Distribution and Burrow Animals Habitat in Middle Podonje

A.A. Afonin

Variability of Pollen-grains Length for Native Species of Willows in Bryansk Woodland

Yu.M. Debrinyuk

Results of Pseudotsuga menziesii Introduction in Forest Stands of Ukrainian Rastochje

N.A. Prozherina, O.A. Gvozdukhina, E.N. Nakvasina

Water Metabolism Parameters of Spruce (Picea abies ? P. obovata Ledeb.) as Adaptation Criteria in Changing Environment

A.V. Zhigunov, S.V. Shevchuk

Forest Cultures of Pine and Spruce from Planting Material Grown by Combined Method

V.A. Zakamsky

Ultrasound Diagnostics of Rot in Tree Stems

P.A. Feklistov, S.Yu. Biryukov

Seasonal Growth of Shore Pine in Northern Taiga Subzone

I.V. Shutov

Strength and Weakness of NewForest Code Concept


A.V. Vurasko, Yu.V. Romanova

Characteristics of Pulp Fibers in Joint Cooking of Softwood and Hardwood

A.V. Vurasko, Yu.V. Romanova

Study of Anthraquinone Efficiency at Alkaline Process of Mixed Wood Species

M.A. Ageev, N.L. Medyanik, A.Ya. Ageev

Influence of Chemicals on Efficiency of Flotation Wastepaper Recovery

N.V. Kutsubina, S.N. Udintseva

Mathematical Simulation of Paper Rolling Processes on Slitting Machines

V.M. Merkelov, E.A. Makeev

Modification of Urea-formaldehyde Glues

E.I. Germer

Studying Super Active Catalysis of Oxygen-alkaline Wood Delignification by Metal Groups of Variable Valency by Using 1.10-phenanthrolinate Copper (II) as Model. 1. Approach to Problem Research. 1.10-phenanthrolinate Copper (II) Performance

E.I. Germer

Studying Super Active Catalysis of Oxygen-alkaline Wood Delignification by Metal Groups of Variable Valency by Using 1.10-phenanthrolinate Copper (II) as Model. 2. Main Factors Characterizing Complex Compound and its Ability to be Catalyst of Redox-Proces

A.M. Aisenschtadt, M.V. Bogdanov, K.G. Bogolitsyn, A.A. Abrosimova

To Question of Effective Potential of Related-to-lignin Phenols

F.Kh. Khakimova, T.N. Kovtun, S.A. Shisterov

Derisination of Birch Bisulfite Pulp at Cooking and Bleaching Stages

Yu.V. Sevastjanova, L.A. Milovidova, G.V. Komarova, T.A. Koroleva

Influence of Sulfate Cooking on Residual Lignin Content and Groups of Hexuronic Acid in Hardwood Pulp

E.I. Germer

Studying Super Active Catalysis of Oxygen-alkaline Wood Delignification by Metal Groups of Variable Valency by Using 1.10-phenanthrolinate Copper (II) as Model. 2. Main Factors Characterizing Complex Compound and its Ability to be Catalyst of Redox-Proces

E.I. Germer

Studying Super Active Catalysis of Oxygen-alkaline Wood Delignification by Metal Groups of Variable Valency by Using 1.10-phenanthrolinate Copper (II) as Model. 2. Main Factors Characterizing Complex Compound and its Ability to be Catalyst of Redox-Proces

E.I. Germer

Studying Super Active Catalysis of Oxygen-alkaline Wood Delignification by Metal Groups of Variable Valency by Using 1.10-phenanthrolinate Copper (II) as Model. 2. Main Factors Characterizing Complex Compound and its Ability to be Catalyst of Redox-Proces

E.I. Germer

Study of Superactive Catalysis of Acid-Alkaline Delignification of Wood by Complexes of Variable Valency Metals by Using 1,10-Phenanthrolinate Copper (II) as a Model. 3. Ways of Catalysis Realization and its Mechanism

A.P. Karmanov, D.V. Matveev, L.S. Kocheva

Investigation of Cell Membranes Lignin at Different Stages of Wood Delignification by Using Synergy and Nonlinear Dynamics Methods

V.T. Kharitonenko

Improvement of Mechanical-repair Mill Preparation of Pulp-and-paper Industry

A.V. Vurasko, A.Ya Ageev

Rheological Characteristics of Dispersion System Alkali-Surface Active Agent-Anthraquinone

I.Ya. Kiselev

Study of Qualitative Composition of Pigments in Leaves’ Autumn Color of Some Woody Plants

O.S. Beusheva, N.P. Musko, M.M. Chemeris

Mathematical Model for Process of Larch Explosive Autohydrolysis

E.I. Hermer

Study of Superactive Catalysis of Acid-Alkaline Delignification of Wood by Complexes of Variable Valency Metals by Using 1.10 - Phenanthrolinate Copper (II) as a model. 4. Oxygen-alkaline Cooking with Low Parameters Value as Way of Practical Realization o

A.B. Konovalov

Mathematical Model of Pressing Process of Paper Sheet in Papermaking Machine Presses

A.V. Vurasko, V.V. Glazyrin, Yu.V. Romanov

Anthraquinone – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


A.V. Volokitina, M.A. Sofronov, T.M. Sofronova

Teaching Programme for Predicting Behavior of Creeping Forest Fires


A.Yu. Vdovin, S.S. Rubleva

On Dynamic Algorithm of Derived Function Determination

V.G. Lisiеnko, T.S. Kirillova, D. N. Bogoslovsky

Power-consuming Capacity Evaluation of Basic Manufactures of Pulp-and-paper Industry

M.N. Gamrekely

Productivity Limiting Values of Spray Drying Units

D.A. Kostyuchenko

Clonal Microreproduction of Plants (on Example of Lupinus Polyphyllus)

E.V. Borzdyko, E.N. Samoshkin

Influence of Chronic Ionizing Radiation on Citogenetic Characteristics of Red Whortleberry

I.V. Aleshin, I.N. Glazun, E.N. Samoshkin

Viability and Anomalies of Pollen Development for Common Spruce in Alienation Zone of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

I.N. Glazun, A.V. Skok, E.N. Samoshkin

Influence of Chronic Ionizing Radiation of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on Sowing Quality of Scotch Pine Seeds

A.Ya. Naychuk

On Bearing Capacity of Units for Wooden Glued Laminated Three-hinged Arches

B.V. Labudin, R.P. Matveev, R.S. Sanzharovsky

Stability of Close-bent Rods Reinforced by Titanic Elements

T.M. Vladimirova, O.M. Sokolov, S.I. Tretyakov

Simulation of Rectification Process and Partial Condensation in Tall Oil Separation

S.I. Dumansky

Vibration Insulation of Frame Saws by Block Shock-absorbers

V.K. Lyubov

Improvement of Energy Departments of Forest Industrial Enterprises

E.I. Hermer

Water and Energy as Ecological Characteristics of Production Processes Requiring Norm-setting

B.V. Labudin, R.P. Matveev, R.S. Sanzharovsky

Criteria of Compressed-bent Bars Sustainability Reinforced by Titanic Elements

R.S. Khamitov

Soil Germination Stimulation of Siberian Cedar Seeds by “Gumat+7” Agent

G.V. Sokolova

Influence of Forest Fires on Weather

G.A. Shepel, V.F. Nadein, N.S. Kabeeva

Thermal Stabilization of Heat-carrier at Air Heater Entry of Timber Drying Plant

B.V. Labudin

To Substantiation of Estimated Model of Laminated Wood as Orthogonal Transversal-isotropic Material


Administration of Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Editorial Board and Editorial Staff of «Lesnoj Zhurnal»

Jubilee of Oleg Mikhajlovich Sokolov

V.N. Starzhinsky, V.V. Glukhikh, S.V. Zalesov, V.A. Azarenok, V.A. Ignatjev, A.D. Lebedev, Yu.A. Serov

Nikolay Alekseevich Lugansky

V.I. Mikrin, F.V. Kishenkov

Bryansk Higher School of Foresters – 75 Years

Moscow State Forest University, Moscow Society of Nature Investigators, Arkhangelsk State Technical University, Vologda State Dairy Academy

Jubilee of Scientist

Administration of ASTU Editorial Board and Editorial Staff of “Lesnoy Zhurnal”

Valery Ivanovich Komarov (By 60th Birthday)

E.M. Romanov, A.I. Pavlov, A.D. Kirsanov, P.F. Vojtko

Yury Alexandrovich Shirnin

Administration of Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Building, followers, colleagues, friends

Eugeny N. Serov


S.V. Zalesov

Fakil Valiullovich Agliullin (to 70th Birthday)

N.N. Chernov, A.F. Kuznetsov, K.I. Maleev

Jubilee Celebrations

V.I. Shoshin, A.P. Reshetnikov

By 100th Anniversary of Bryansk Experimental Forest Area

N.A. Babich, I.V. Evdokimov

By 240th Anniversary of Free Economic Society

A.I. Rybalkin

Forest Museums and Exhibitions in Russia in the Second Half of  Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

V.I. Sanyov

To 100th Birthday of A.E. Grube

V.F. Tsvetkov, V.M. Barzut, E.N. Nakvasina

In Memory оf Pitirim Nikolaevich L’ vov


A.G. Magasumova, M.G. Ezhova

Feasibility Study on Different Regeneration Cutting Methods

S.I. Buldakov, M.G. Ezhova

Assessment of Economic Damage to Environment in Filling Stations Zone

O.V. Potapovich

Formation of Forestry Units Accounting in Modern Conditions

V.L. Berestov, A.V. Limansky

State of Forest Stock and Forest Management in Bryansk Region

A.A. Vertman, Yu.I. Provotorov, V.I. Melekhov, V.Zh. Arens

To Choosing Strategy of Remote Regions’ Development in Russia

E.S. Romanov, I.V. Lavrova

Structuring of Concept for Accessibility of Forest Resources

G.A. Kirutsa

Short-term Crediting of Forest-industrial Enterprises

A.A. Zubko

Economic Organization of Forest Management in Municipal Forests

M.D. Nekrasov

On Economic Assessment of Forest Resources

K. B. Sokolov, A.N. Minaev, M.M. Ovchinnikov, V.I. Patyakin, V.B. Olofinsky, E.M. Gusejnov

Water Transport of Wood as Economic and Ecological Constituents of Development for Wood-industrial Complex of Russia

A.Yu. Klimov

Economic Assessment of Voluntary Forest Certification Processes (Based on Enterprises of Arkhangelsk Region)


M.P. Voronov, V.P. Chasovskikh

Creation of Information Management Systems for Forest Industry Enterprise

M.P. Voronov, V.P. Chasovskikh

Simulation and Monitoring of Production-and-Sales Programmes

L.I. Evelson

Designing Friction Units Based on Integrated Expert Systems

V.I. Malygin, L.V. Kremleva, K.L. Shestakov

Project Solutions of Woodworking Technology

V.V. Polyakov

Optimization of Pulp-and-paper Production Management


B.N. Ugolev

Session of Regional Coordination Council on Modern Problems of Wood Science in Electrogorsk.


V.K. Pashkov, S.V. Shchepochkin

To Assessment of Heat Flows and Average Temperatures of Circular Saw Tooth

V.G. Ulasovets

Limiting Coverage by Supply Schedule of Segments and Stile Edges

V.G. Ulasovets

Sawing of Stile Edges into Edged Sawn Timber

E.A. Pamfilov, P.G. Pyrikov

Use of Guided Magnetic Fields in Functional Units of Woodworking Equipment

G.I. Silman, N.V. Dmitrieva, S.S. Gryadunov

Characteristics of Cast Carbide Alloy and their Application in Woodworking

V.G. Savenko, A.V. Savenko, Yu.P. Petrukhin

Automated Control System of Wood Drying Process

V.I. Konyashkin 

Stressed State of Cutting Tool

A.P. Reshin

To Problem of Multipurpose Wood Preservation

E.A. Pamfilov, E.V. Sheveleva, D.I. Muratov

Creation of New Composite Wood-metallic Materials

A.G. Chernуkh, L.V. Iljushenkov

Producing Radial Rough Workpieces

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, L.A. Badanina

Determination of Wood Moisture Resistance Based on Production Test.

O.I. Bederdinova, N.V. Koryakovskaya

Processing Time Characteristics of Unedged Timber Flow

L.S. Atroshchenko

Express-drying of Sawn Timber

R.R. Safin, R.R. Khasanshin, R.G. Safin

Process Mathematical Model of Sawn-wood Convection Drying in Discharged Medium

V.I. Malygin, A.E. Smaglov

Assessment of Computing Accuracy in Thermal Physics Tasks when Designing Wood-cutting Tool

V.A. Shamaev, R.V. Skoridanov, V.V. Postnikov

Producing Modified Timber with High Strength Properties

D.A. Kadimaliev, V.V. Revin, N.A. Atykyan, V.V. Shutova

Ecological Characteristics of Compressed Materials from Wastes of Plant Raw Material Treated by P. Tigrinus Fungus

E.S. Melnikov, A.A. Smirnov

Influence of Integrated Care on Wood Quality of High-productive Spruce Forests

A.N. Chubinsky, V.M. Shcherbakov

Substantiation of Design and Manufacturing Technique for Hard-combustible Composite Boards

D.V. Ivanov

Sawn Timber Bundle Ability

M.N. Gamrekely

Velocity of Liquid Drops Motion of and Duration of their Stay in Gas-dispersed Round Stream

Yu.A. Varfolomeev, A.V. Lukichev

Experimental Research of Laminated Wood Beams Strength with Different Layer Arrangement

L.V. Alekseeva, R.G. Chernega

Determination of Storage Device Dimensions for Assortments

A.E. Alekseev, V.M. Volkov, S.V. Petukhov

Investigation of Travelling Gear Drive of Cutting Unit for One-saw Circular Butting Machine

V.P. Ivanovsky

Stress State of Woodcutting Disc

A.S. Toropov, E.S. Sharapov

Study of Birch Wood Density Affected by Firm Red Heart

N.V. Vileyshikova, V.B. Snopkov, N.A. Belyasova

Comparative Assessment of Protective Agents against Wood Damage by Fungi

L.S. Surovtseva

Perfection of Recording and Acceptance Operations of Timber at Sawmill-woodworking Enterprises

A.S. Alekseev

Drying Timber in Drying Kilns of Steam Type


I.N. Kruchinin

Mathematical Model for Calculation of Undercarriage Parameters of Forest Machines

A.N. Zaikin

Process Flowsheets and Equipment of Upper Landing on Logging Area with Radiation Pollution

Yu.A. Ivashkin

Improvement of Cleaning Process for Forest Complex Machinery when Carrying out Repair Work

V.N. Lobanov

Dynamics of Interaction of Tracked Forest Machines with Weak Soils

V.A. Ermichev, V.N. Lobanov, G.N. Krivchenkova, A.V. Artemov

Forecasting of Forest Soil Settlement and Density after Tracked Machines Pass

V.N. Lobanov

Dynamics of Interaction of Tracked Forest Machines with Weak Soils.

F.A. Pavlov, K.V. Doronin

Optimal Configuration of Transport Network of Forest Roads Taking into Account Plots Form

N.A. Ivanov, E.A. Myasnikov

Estimated Probability of Overcoming Woodland by Landrover

S.V. Nikitin

Peculiarities of Dump Structure for Storing Cars

A.Yu. Shirnin

Investigation of Lifting Process for Front End of Tree Lengths Bundles in Drum Logging

A.N. Vikharev, P.N. Gagarin

Simulation of Soil Stress near Working Anchor

V.N. Korshun

Principles of Forest Soil Mechanics

D.L. Neradovsky

Technique for Experimental Determination of Soil-Buried Piles Length

V.P. Stukov

Complex Investigation of Bridges with Laminated Wood Beams

G.S. Morozov

Determination of Structures Settlements on Foundation of Frozen Peat Soils

P.D. Shergov

Use of Felling-bunching Machines in Forest Harvesting

E.V. Platonova

Use of Multiple Regression Methods for Average Speed Determination of Timber-carrying Transport Movement

V.S. Morozov

Wood Deck Effect on Bearing Capacity of Winter Motor Roads

M.S. Sergeev, M.M. Ovchinnikov, E.M. Gusejnov

Collision Model of Heavy-duty Rafting Unit with Finboom

V.P. Stukov

Bridges’ State Analysis with Laminated Wood Beams

V.N. Shilovsky, E.V. Kutyrev

To Question of Operation System Development for Logging Machines


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