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2010 год


A.V. Gryazkin, A.P. Smirnov

On Suppression of Aspen Rejuvenation Capacity

N.A. Kharchenko, O.M. Korchagin, V.Yu. Zapletin

Vital State and Preservation of English Oak Seedlings due to Different Shading Conditions

K.S. Bobkova, M.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Manov, E.P. Galenko, V.V. Tuzhilkina

Tree Stand Phytomass of Bilberry-sphagnum Spruce Forests on Boggy Podzolic Soils of European Northeast

O.Ya. Yazykov

Prospects of Disturbed Land Development in Lipetsk Region

O.N. Ezhov, R.V. Ershov, I.V. Zmitrovich, A.V. Ruokolainen

To Study of Aphyllophorales Fungi Biota of Pinega Reserve in Arkhangelsk Region

N.A. Razumnikov, O.M. Konyukhova

Increase of Ground Seed Germination and Seedlings Quality of Ussurian Pear in Republic of Mari El

A.M. Pyatykh, E.I. Gurjeva

Form Diversity of Decorative Wood and Shrub Species in Greening of Sanatoria and Rest Homes

R.A. Stepen, O.A. Esyakova

Aerogenous Pollution Effect on Pigment System of Siberian Spruce Assimilation Apparatus

O.V. Sheikina, E.P. Lebedeva

Seed Production of Plus Trees Clones of Scotch Pine in Chuvash Republic Seed Orchard


K.A. Ivanov, Yu. V. Sevastyanova, L.A. Milovidova, V.I. Komarov

Effect of Addition of Small Fraction Chips on Pulping Results and Pulp Characteristics

A.P. Rudenko, V.V. Eremenko, L.V. Kutovaya

Technological Effect of Using Modernized General Movement Equaition for Fibrous Suspension of O.A. Terentiev for Formation of Diffusers of Direct Rdiation Cap

I.V. Sumersky, S.M. Krutov, A.V. Pranovich, M.Ya. Zarubin

Investigation of Model Compounds and Lignin Preparations by DFRC method

N.G. Chistova

Power Consumption of Grinding Section in Fiber Board Production

Yu.L. Yurjev, T.M. Panova, N.A. Drozdova

Use of Modified Charcoals for Improving Saline Composition of Water in Brewing

L.V. Kuznetsova, D.A. Dulkin, V.A. Spiridonov,  V.I. Komarov

Investigation of Cations Influence Contained in River Water on Swelling and Stock Beating


Ya.F. Molnar, V.V. Kritskaya, G.G. Sukhanov

Centenary of Timofey Sergeevich Lobovikov


V.I. Malygin, L.V. Kremlevа, V.T. Kharitonenko, I.L. Varenikov

Functional Model of CAD Engineering Processes for Manufacturing Wooden Prototyping Kits

Yu.A. Shirnin, K.P. Rukomoinikov, P.N. Vinogradov

Development of Assortments Length Cutting and Mathematical Models of its Realization

А,Е. Alekseev, O.I. Bederdinova

Analysis of Sawmill Store Processes Based on Logistic Approach

V.I. Korobko, A.V. Turkov

Method for Determining Vertical Joint Stiffness of Composite Beam

M.E. Butovsky

Air Emissions Produced by Woodworking Enterprise Production-construction Company «Dokis» Ltd

;I.T. Glebov

Dependencies of Micro-roughness Height of Processed Surface on Some Factors of Cylinder Milling


A.S. Milyaev

Influence of Heat Liberation of Sublayer Biomass on Freezing of Winter Wood-track Basis

A.N. Zaikin, E.A. Pamfilov

On Influence of Interoperation Wood Stock on Efficiency of Logging Machines Set

V.V. Saveljev, Yu.A. Shirnin

Justification of Logging Technology and Removal of Logs of Different Length


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