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Plate Dampers in the Tensioning Units of Bandsaw Machines

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A.E. Alekseev, I.O. Dumanskij, A.V. Prokhorov

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The article analyses strengths and weaknesses of bandsaw machines. While analysing we have found the relationship between the weaknesses and the tension of a band saw. Its use as a cutting tool leads to a decrease in the lateral rigidity and stability of the cutting section on the pulling chain. This leads to fluctuations in the cutting width, a decrease in the geometric accuracy of sawn timber and an increase in the roughness of the side surfaces of a kirf. The main types of tensioning unit mechanisms, which strengthen the tension and maintain its stability during operation, are defined, and common design flaws are described. Oil-filled metal plate dampers promote space-saving and low-inertia dampers for bandsaw machines with any basic saw blade tensioning mechanisms. The influence of the device on the level of dynamic fluctuations of the tensile force caused by the artificial eccentricity of the tension pulley was studied. The efficiency was evaluated by computer oscillography of the tensile load sensor signal and subsequent computer processing of the obtained oscillograms. The effectiveness of using damper devices is confirmed by the quality of sawing, which is characterized by a lower level of roughness of the lateral surfaces of the cut while reducing the variation in thickness of a workpiece. Methods of eliminating flaws with different types of tensioning units are reviewed, and the effectiveness of using oil-filled plate dampers is evaluated. The article presents the research technique and parameters of the experimental unit as well as the conclusions on the effectiveness of damping devices.


Alexandr E. Alekseev, Doctor of Engineering, Prof.; ResearcherID: ABG-3167-2020, ORCID:
Igor O. Dumanskij, Candidate of Engineering, Assoc. Prof.; ResearcherID: AAH-8771-2020, ORCID:
Alexey V. Prokhorov, Senior Lecturer; ResearcherID: ABG-1913-2020, ORCID:


Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny, 17, Arkhangelsk, 163002, Russian Federation; е-mail:,


bandsaw machine, tension system, dampers, tensile load

For citation

Alekseev A.E., Dumanskij I.O., Prokhorov A.V. Plate Dampers in the Tensioning Units of Bandsaw Machines. Lesnoy Zhurnal [Russian Forestry Journal], 2021, no. 5, pp. 142–149. DOI: 10.37482/0536-1036-2021-5-142-149


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Plate Dampers in the Tensioning Units of Bandsaw Machines


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