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Design Improvement of a Sawmill Machine for Rip Cutting

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K.P. Rukomojnikov, E.M. Tsarev, S.E. Anisimov, O.N. Cheremushkina

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The paper introduces technical and technological solutions for equipment which reduce labor costs for setting the thickness of sawn boards and removing the final products (unedged sawn timber) from the machine. The invention is based on a similar design of band saw machines for rip cutting. The band saw machine of a new design has been manufactured. It is equipped with a sawing mechanism and a sawn off boards removing mechanism mounted on a rotary support column. The rotary support column moves between outfeed tables installed on both sides for loading two logs on them simultaneously. The mechanisms operation is carried out in such a way that when the rotary support column turns and transfers to the working position, one of these mechanisms is placed above both outfeed tables. Outfeed tables are able to move in a vertical plane to adjust the thickness of the sawing boards. Setting the thickness of a new board sawn off from the first log is carried out by lifting the corresponding outfeed table to the required board thickness simultaneously with separation of the board from the second log and the removal the board sawn off from the first log. This combination of operations makes it possible to eliminate the time consumption required to adjust the board thickness since this operation is carried out during the sawing mechanism operation. The increasing of band saw machine productivity is realized due to the time cycle reduction of its operation. The article materials can be recommended for improving the productivity of band saw machine. The use of the proposed rip cutting method and technological equipment for its implementation is possible both at woodworking enterprises and in the cutting area with the use of a mobile type machine with implementation of all operations of technological process.


K.P. Rukomojnikov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor
E.M. Tsarev, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor
S.E. Anisimov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor 
O.N. Cheremushkina, Master Degree Student


Volga State University of Technology, pl. Lenina, 3, Yoshkar-Ola, 424000, Russian Federation; 


band saw machine, sawing, rip cutting, log, board

For citation

Rukomojnikov K.P., Tsarev E.M., Anisimov S.E., Cheremushkina O.N. Design Improvement of a Sawmill Machine for Rip Cutting. Lesnoy Zhurnal [Forestry Journal], 2018, no. 5, pp. 161–167. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2018.5.161


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Received on March 15, 2018

Design Improvement of a Sawmill Machine for Rip Cutting


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