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Theoretical Study of the Soil Mass Destruction Process by Spherical Knives when Using Combined Forest Fire-Fighting Soil-Thrower Constructions

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V.Ya. Shapiro, O.I. Grigor’eva, I.V. Grigor’ev, M.F. Grigor’ev

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Forest fire fighter is an urgent problem of forestry and forest land tenants. Most of the emerging forest fires are low, which can be brought under control by filling the fire edge with soil. Forest soils differ from soils of agricultural lands and construction industry. They have a pronounced layered structure of several organic and one or several mineral layers with characteristic physical and mechanical properties. This feature of soil should be taken into account in the design of drives and working elements of technological equipment of soil-throwers that are used to extinguish forest fires. When using combined soil-thrower constructions, the top litter layer is removed with flat knives located on the rotor. Then the main mass of soil necessary for the effective throwing in the direction of the forest fire edge is destroyed and loosened by spherical knives. One of the main problems of a spherical knife and soil mass interaction is the determination of the approach velocity of the working element to the ground surface. When soil-thrower is moving, soil particles possessing certain physical and mechanical properties contact with working elements, and resistance forces to the movement of the machine arise, which reduces its productivity. The low-speed mode is used for the effective work of the soil-thrower working elements when milling the viscous and close to the yielding point of soil layers. The authors have developed a mathematical model that allows at the stage of theoretical studies and engineering solutions evaluating the results of effective operation of spherical knives when milling a soil layer with combined soil-throwers to extinguish forest fires, taking into account various factors and conditions for the implementation of technological processes.


V.Ya. Shapiro1, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
O.I. Grigor’eva1, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
I.V. Grigor’ev2, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
M.F. Grigor’ev2, Senior Lecturer


1Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University under name of S.M. Kirov, Institutskiy per., 5, Saint Petersburg, 194021, Russian Federation; e-mail:
2Yakut State Agricultural Academy, Sergelyakhskoe sh., Tretiy kilometr, 3, Yakutsk, 677007, Republic of Sakha, Russian Federation; e-mail:


forest fire, forest fire-fighting method, soil-thrower, contact fracture mechanics

For citation

Shapiro V.Ya., Grigor’eva O.I., Grigor’ev I.V., Grigor’ev M.F. Theoretical Study of the Soil Mass Destruction Process by Spherical Knives when Using Combined Forest Fire-Fighting Soil-Thrower Constructions. Lesnoy zhurnal [Forestry journal], 2018, no. 1, pp. 61–69. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2018.1.61


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Received on September 27, 2017

Theoretical Study of the Soil Mass Destruction Process by Spherical Knives when Using Combined Forest Fire-Fighting Soil-Thrower Constructions


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