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High-Yield Pulp Processing

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V.N. Ivanova, D.Yu. Uvarova, L.G. Makhotina,  E.L. Akim

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Tree biomass is not only a raw material, but also a source of energy. Therefore, rational use of forest resources is one of the tasks facing producers. The increased demand for green technologies leads to the looking for new ways of added-value wood processing and wood pulp on its basis. In this connection, the studies of production of microstructured powdered celluloses from wood pulp containing a substantial amount of lignin - Chemico-Thermomechanical Pulping from spruce and aspen wood, are relevant. We use the modified procedures based on the classical schemes of hydrolysis of cellulose for the production of powdered celluloses. The most finely dispersed sample with a high content of powdered cellulose is obtained by hydrochloric acid treatment of aspen Bleached Chemico-Thermomechanical Pulping.


V.N. Ivanova, Postgraduate Student
D.Yu. Uvarova, Postgraduate Student
L.G. Makhotina, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor
E.L. Akim, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor


Higher School of Technology and Energy, Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, ul. Ivana Chernykh, 4, Saint Petersburg, 198095, Russian Federation; e-mail:


powdered cellulose, high-yield pulp, added-value wood processing, Chemico-Thermomechanical Pulping

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Ivanova V.N., Uvarova D.Yu., Makhotina L.G., Akim E.L. High-Yield Pulp Processing. Lesnoy zhurnal [Forestry journal], 2017, no. 6, pp. 145–150. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2017.6.145


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Received on September 16, 2017

High-Yield Pulp Processing


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