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Digital Simulation when Wood and Wood-Based Materials Casting Patterns Processing on the Turning Lathes

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F.V. Cherepenin, S.M. Skovpen’, D.A. Ul’yanichev

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DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2017.1.166


High standards of quality and time of manufacturing of the shipbuilding industry products cause the need to improve technologies at all stages of production, starting from the casting blocks obtaining. Pattern equipment for large-sized castings in terms of single piece and limited production is made from wood and wood-based materials, because of the large dif-ferences in standard characteristics with a significant range of products. The mechanical treatment of such casting models in the form of bodies of revolution with a complex axial profile is produced on the machines of the turning group with a single electromechanical stylus drive in two axes. The replacement of the LMFC system by the digital control system allows upgrading the machine and changing the technology of production preparation and  175
the processing of a casting pattern on the machine. The paper presents the digital model of an product axial profile consisting of a mathematical description of the nominal contour in the form of a discrete set of points and the tracking algorithm of a CNC system for the play-back accuracy of a cutting tool during processing on the basis of the pulse-width control principles of the electromagnetic clutch of the main drive gear. The software implementing a digital model of the axial profile of a revolution surface of a wood casting pattern is tested on a specially developed microprocessor-based machine of the 1525 model in the laboratory conditions. The use of the developed digital model when replacing the LMFC system by the CNC can significantly reduce the technological complexity and costs associated with the manufacturing of large-sized casting patterns with wood and wood-based materials revolu-tion surfaces.


F.V. Cherepenin, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor S.M. Skovpen’, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor D.A. Ul’yanichev, Postgraduate Student


Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Severodvinsk Branch, Kapitana Voronina ul., 6, Severodvinsk, 164500, Russian Federation; e-mail:


wood casting pattern, single primary drive, copying lathe, computerized numeri-cal control (CNC), pulse-width control, discrete profile description

For citation

Cherepenin F.V., Skovpen’ S.M., Ul’yanichev D.A. Digital Simulation when Wood and Wood-Based Materials Casting Patterns Processing on the Turning Lathes. Lesnoy zhurnal [Forestry journal], 2017, no. 1, pp. 166–176. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2017.1.166


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Received on October 24, 2016

Digital Simulation when Wood and Wood-Based Materials Casting Patterns Processing on the Turning Lathes


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