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The Roundwood Assortment Machines

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A.M. Buglaev, M.P. Bokacheva, V.V. Sivakov

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The development of wooden house construction is retarded due to the lack of roundwood assortment machines as well as the production of timber blanks of high quality. The work objective is the developing of machines for the manufacture of high quality roundwood as-sortments in the form of cylinders and beams, which are used in wooden house construction. The paper presents a machine design for roundwood assortments processing, allowing us to obtain such timber blanks. Cutters, moving along an axis of a beam, carry out the processing of roundwood assortments. The timber blanks in the form of cylinders and polygonal prisms are provided by various cutters of the corresponding profile and a beam rotation through the definite angle after each pass of the cutter. The machines also can be provided by circular saws instead of cutters, which gives the opportunity to obtain the boards and beams and ex-pands their structural features. The authors propose an improved design of the machine in order to increase the quality of the processed logs. It has a device to make longitudinal grooves in logs and enter the liquid rapidly polymerizing adhesive to mask the obtained grooves. This reduces residual stresses and the risk of log cracking. The grooves are formed by the interlocking side milling cutter simultaneously processing a log. The depth and the number of kerfs depend on a log diameter. The paper contains a table for determining the number and depth of kerfs. Another device provides the log polythene wrapping to protect a log from contamination, isolate the adhesive from flowing and preserve the log original moisture content. The power of motors for milling is 5.0…10.0 kW; the power of motor reducers of a molder-planer feed mechanism is 1.0…2.0 kW; the power of motor reducers to rotate a log is 0.5…1.0 kW. The total maximum power is 13.0 kW that is less than that of similar serial machines. The proposed design allows us to produce high-quality assortments without cracks and cracking in several years after their manufacture. The designed machine is protected by the invention patents.


A.M. Buglaev, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor M.P. Bokacheva, Еngineer V.V. Sivakov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor


Bryansk State Engineering Technological University, Stanke Dimitrova ul., 3, Bryansk, 241037, Russian Federation; е-mail:,,


machine, log processing, cylindered log, beam, blank quality.

For citation

Buglaev A.M., Bokacheva M.P., Sivakov V.V. The Roundwood Assortment Machines. Lesnoy zhurnal (Forestry journal), 2016, no. 6, pp. 122–129. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2016.6.122


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Received on January 18, 2016

The Roundwood Assortment Machines


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