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The Influence of Selective Cutting on the Wood Quality Indicators of Understory Spruce

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N.A. Druzhinin, F.N. Druzhinin, S.E. Gribov

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The efficiency of forest management activities is estimated by quantitative indicators, name-ly by the increase of the current growing stock increment. This method does not allow us to estimate them objectively. The current economic situation requires the information of the productivity indicators and a qualitative evaluation of the forming wood that can determine the value of produced timber. The quality of wood raw material is characterized by a num-ber of indicators: branchiness, macro and microstructure of wood, its density, chemical composition, etc. We have carried out a qualitative assessment of the forming spruce wood in 8 experimental production sites (“Norobovo” station, Vologda region). Selective cutting affect the quality of the forming wood of understory spruce. After the first felling, especially with a higher intensity, the branch diameters and an average width of an annual ring in-crease. In the first 2–3 years after the logging activities the latewood maintenance in the annual layer is reduced. The wood of understory spruce meets the requirements of the state industry standards upon all quality indicators. After the selective cutting the spruce and spruce and deciduous high quality forest stands are formed from understory spruce.


N.A. Druzhinin, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor F.N. Druzhinin, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor S.E. Gribov, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor


Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy by N.V. Vereshchagin, Pankratova ul., 9a, bl. 7, Molochnoye, Vologda, 160555, Russian Federation; e-mail:,


selective cutting, even gradual cutting, two-pass cutting system, restocking felling, branchiness, percentage of latewood, wood density

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Druzhinin N.A., Druzhinin F.N., Gribov S.E. The Influence of Selective Cutting on the Wood Quality Indicators of Understory Spruce. Lesnoy zhurnal (Forestry journal), 2016, no. 6, pp. 56–64. DOI: 10.17238/issn0536-1036.2016.6.56


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Received on January 14, 2016

The Influence of Selective Cutting on the Wood Quality Indicators of Understory Spruce


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