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Dynamics of Lichen-Green Moss Pine Forests in a Direct Impact Zone of the Rybinsk Reservoir

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A.K. Mukhin

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The article studies the long-term dynamics of forests under the impact of a reservoir in the changed environment. The reservoir, as a powerful ecological factor, caused the change in the coastal ecosystems. Tendencies and regularities of their dynamics are the important, but poorly studied area of forest science. The researches of the forests of the Darwin State Na-ture Biosphere Reserve growing under the long-term (70 years) influence of the Rybinsk Reservoir were based on the principles of dynamic typology and were their practical con-firmation. These principles were well tested by I.S. Melekhov in the study of the early life stages of the anthropogenous forests. We obtained the data for mature and over mature for-ests for the first time. They make the significant changes in the concept of the forest type sustainability in a stage of a mature forest stand or a formed forest type. The object of our research is a lichen-green moss pine forest. These forests grow in high places of a reservoir and quite rare. The goal of research is to study the accelerated processes of growth and de-velopment of the forests in the changed environment. The technique consists in the detailed description and the analysis of all components of a plant community; the special attention is paid to a forest stand, as a forest type edificator, and a live ground cover, as an indicator of soil and hydrological conditions. The materials obtained for the 67-year period of researches are analyzed; and the types-stages are identified by I.S. Melekhov's technique. We can con-clude that the initial type-stage – a lichen-green moss pine forest was replaced in 25 years 107
by a new type-stage – a green moss pine forest with the spruce undergrowth. In the next 20 years occurred a new transformation into a new type-stage – a green moss cowberry pine forest with the expansion in the spruce and birch undergrowth of a good order. This type-stage has remained up to the present. These conclusions are important not only for forest science and practice, confirming the position of dynamic typology of I.S. Melekhov, but also for the monitoring researches in the reserve. This is the thematic justification of the research and its important applied relevance.


A.K. Mukhin, Research Officer


Darwin State Nature Biosphere Reserve, 44, vill. Borok, Cherepovets District, Vologda region, 162723, Russian Federation; е-mail:


direct and indirect impact zone of a reservoir, forest dynamic typology, type-stage.


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Received on September 30, 2015

Dynamics of Lichen-Green Moss Pine Forests in a Direct Impact Zone of the Rybinsk Reservoir


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