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Study of the Use of Russian-Manufactured Synthetic Dispersions in Paperand Cardboard Coating

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Yu.A. Knyazeva, L.G. Makhotina

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TThe coating suspension consisting of colors, polymer-binders and processing aids is applied on the base to produce coated paper and cardboard. The polymer binding substances influ-ence on the change in the physical and mechanical and strength properties of the material and the coating. The Russian market uses imported latexes (dispersions) as a binder in the paper and cardboard coating process. At the same time the position of the Russian producers of synthetic dispersions, which firmly gain the market of the paint industry, becomes more active. The work objective is the research of using of Russian-manufactured synthetic dis-persions as the binders in the coating of paper. The article considers the influence of the monomer composition, the nature of the emulsifying system and the functional monomers in the synthesis of styrene acrylic dispersions on the physical and mechanical, printing and optical properties of woodfree coated paper. The coating was applied at a universal pilot plant by a scraper – stiff blade. The research of the samples of coated paper was carried out in accordance with the international ISO standards. The best indicators on the required properties for woodfree coated paper were observed in the samples with the dispersion bind-ers of a glass transition temperature of 0 °С, the binary system (anionic and nonionic) of emulsifiers and functional monomers with amino-, siloxane groups. The results show the possibility of formulation of styrene-acrylate dispersions, providing the indicators of the coated paper quality at the same level as the imported dispersions.


Yu.A. Knyazeva, Postgraduate Student, Research Assistant L.G. Makhotina, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor


Higher School of Technology and Energy, Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, I. Chernykh str., 4, Saint Petersburg, 198095, Russian Federation; е-mail:,


coated paper, synthetic dispersion, styrene-acrylate dispersion, latex, quality indicator, surface stability.


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Received on August 31, 2015

Study of the Use of Russian-Manufactured Synthetic Dispersions in Paperand Cardboard Coating


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