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Improving the Quality of the Wooden Patterns Processingon a Turning-and-Boring Single-Drive Lathe

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F.V. Cherepenin, S.M. Skovpen', D.A. Ul'yanichev, M.A. Byzova

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One of the important stages in the creation of products for the shipbuilding industry, such as the large-sized propeller fairings, is the manufacture of wooden patterns of cast billets. The models of wood are mostly popular in this field of production, because of the singularity and small-series production and the nomenclature of castings is very wide and has a large spread of mass-dimensional characteristics. The accuracy of a blank manufacturing is determined by the quality of the pattern equipment used in a casting form manufacture. Currently, the equipment used in the patternmaking by the Russian enterprises is out of date. The share of new equipment due to its high cost is not great, and the available modern machines are con-stantly loaded. This is a reason of degradation of the finishing operations mechanization of the large-sized wooden models forming and a high proportion of manual highly skilled labor in the manufacturing process and the high units costs. Widely used the turning-and-boring lathes that first need to be upgraded can be used in the manufacture of large-sized wooden models of propeller fairings. The rigid mechanical tracer templets with the electromechani-cal systems of tracking a profile by means of the electric feeler moving synchronously with a cutter on the templet are used in such machines. In addition, they have one main electric drive and an automatic gearbox with electric couplings, providing separate and simultaneous control advance of tool in two coordinates. Replacement of one main electric drive together with a gear by the modern servo drivers in each axis with the CNC corresponding types re-quires a significant investment; it is very labor consuming and contemplates a long-term lathe removing from the technological process. Therefore, the task of developing of methods and technical means of programmable control of the tracer templets without the replacing of the used electrical drive and the basic equipment of the lathe is up to date. The paper pre-sents a digital control system of a turning-and-boring single-drive lathe. Its use can signifi-cantly extend the functionality of the lathes and the range of details, reduce the complexity of processing by eliminating the manufacturing of rigid forms (profile templates) and fine control of copiers, improve the quality of processing, use the modern information technolo-gies in the preparation of production as a whole. The upgraded turning-and-boring lathes significantly reduce the share of manual labor in the finishing operations of the large-sized wooden models forming.


F.V. Cherepenin, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor S.M. Skovpen', Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor D.A. Ul'yanichev, Postgraduate Student M.A. Byzova, Postgraduate Student


Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Captain Voronin str., 6, Severodvinsk, 164500, Russian Federation; e-mail:


fairing, foundry pattern, single-drive lathe, digital control system.


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Received on February 09, 2016

Improving the Quality of the Wooden Patterns Processingon a Turning-and-Boring Single-Drive Lathe


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