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Improving the Determination Accuracy of Costs in the Hydraulic Structures Operating Under the Scheme of a Broad-Crested Weir

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V.D. Davydov

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The most of culverts used in various sectors of water management, including wood floating, in relation to the hydraulic operates as a broad-crested weir. Despite the considerable
amount of studies of a weir of this type, since the pilot studies made by the Galileists, there
is a number of underinvestigated issues. As a consequence, the existing methods of broad-
crested weir calculation have an error of more than 5–6 %. This error in the accounting of consumed water does not satisfy the industry and does not meet the international standards. When calculating the discharge code, which is a multi-parameter function of a strain flow and a structure, we often take into account the conditions of entry at a crest, the relative height and width of a weir crest and do not take into account the operational wastes within the structure itself. A few studies conducted in this area are not enough confirmed by laboratory and field data. A number of techniques of other authors allows us to calculate the spillway capacity of the finite width only in a design practice and are not suitable for use in the maintenance period. Therefore, about 600 laboratory and field experiments have been conducted, which allowed establishing the effect of the relative depth at the crest of weir and its decisive role in the calculation of the spillway capacity with a broad-crested weir. Based on the author's studies and the experimental data of other researchers treated according to the author’s method, the graphs were constructed, confirming the functional dependence of the depth on the design features of the hydraulic structures. Mathematical processing of experimental data provided new calculation dependencies to determine the weir coefficient. These dependencies improved the accuracy of measurements of flow characteristics of this type of weir, especially in the maintenance period. Strict implementation of laboratory and field studies gave an opportunity to develop a new method for water consumption measuring, qualified by the State Committee for Inventions as the invention. The authors developed the recommendations for optimizing the location of cross sections, to carry out the measurements of the flow parameters deformed by a hydraulic structure. Analysis of the studies also helps to make the important conclusion that the improvement of water consumption accounting in the structures of the floating plants is preferable to conduct by the increase of
water measuring in these structures due to the introducing of the modern methods of weir calculation, taking into account the increasing number of flow and structure parameters.


V.D. Davydov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Kuban State Agrarian University, Kalinin str., 13, Krasnodar, 350044, Russian Federation; e-mail:


water regularity, hydraulic structure, broad-crested weir, measurement, method, error, weir calculation.


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Received on February 17, 2014

Improving the Determination Accuracy of Costs in the Hydraulic Structures Operating Under the Scheme of a Broad-Crested Weir


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