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Development of Logging Technology in the Urals

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N.N. Terinov, E.F. Gerts, Yu.N. Bezgina

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This article retrospectively examines the formation and development of the logging industry in the Urals region. Against the background of the technological progress, which can be divided into three stages, we can monitor the connection of the corresponding techniques and technologies of logging and the forest forming process in the felling. Some facts of the normative and organizational nature in the field of forest management are mentioned, allow-ing us to connect the interests of forestry and timber exploitation. The first stage (from the beginning of the industrial development of the forests and up to 1930) was characterized by the clear cuttings and timber hauling by the animal transport. In this period the need to maintain the pre-coniferous undergrowth in the process of logging activities and its role in shaping the future plantations were acknowledged. The second stage (1930–1970) was asso-ciated with the logging choker tractors. At this period the methods of cutting and harvesting technologies were aimed towards the conservation and reproduction of coniferous planta-tions. So, the narrow-strip technology of development of cutting areas with skidding whip for the top ensured the safety of pre-coniferous undergrowth up to 80 % in the blocks from its initial amount in the stand. The simplified strip (P.V. Alekseev) and long-gradual (A.V. Pobedinskiy) felling were developed and used. The third stage started in the beginning of the 1970s and was associated with the emergence of the multioperational logging machines. The new equipment enhanced the productivity, and also increased the track areas by 27 ... 58 % and attrition of the undersized trees by 16 ... 23 %. The literature data show a manifold increase in the intensity of water erosion after the use of heavy logging machinery compared to the intact areas and its negative impact on some other hydrological properties of the forest soils. The paper suggests developing a class of specialized compact equipment, capable of providing the selective logging under the forest canopy.


N.N. Terinov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor E.F. Gerts, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Yu.N. Bezgina, Сandidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor


Ural State Forest Engineering University, Sibirskiy Trakt, 37, Ekaterinburg, 620100, Russian Federation; e-mail:,


logging, harvesting technique, conservation of forest environment and under-growth.


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Received on May 15, 2015

Development of Logging Technology in the Urals


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