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Calculation of Equipment for Shaking of Cones and Larvae off Conifer Trees

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S.N. Orlovskiy, S.A. Astapenko, S.V. Komissarov

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The problem of collecting valid comparative data during the detailed analysis of harmful needle and leaf eating insect pests and their numbers in tree crowns and cones is of the ut-most importance. Our goal was to study the range of crown acceleration providing shaking of larvae and cones off the tree branches. We solved the problem of transverse displacement measuring and acceleration of tree trunks under the action of impulse coming from the cylinder performance when a piston flew out under the influence of the explosion of propel-lent powder. Methods of larvae at detailed monitoring and shaked off cones counting were analyzed. Design of equipment for shaking of cones and larvae off conifer trees constructed by the authors is described. The research program included the impact analysis of shaker design features, height of the point of application of force on a tree trunk, piston mass, volume of propellent powder and the tree characteristics. The research was conducted on the mathematical models and on the brassboard of the shaker in the natural conditions. The methods of operation are the mathematical modeling and experimental studies. The mathe-matical relationships to computate full kinetic energy of “tree – shaker” system, impulse forcing depending on the shaker design, piston mass and volume of propellent powder were derived. The theoretical background to calculate the shake parameters sufficient for shaking of larvae and cones off is presented. The equations of tree trunk and branches oscillations in different points were derived. Oscillation modes, transverse displacement and acceleration of a tree trunk and branches from the impulse power in dependence on the input data at different distances from the trunk at three sequential time intervals were determined. The efforts of Siberian moth larvae for retention on the tree branches at different development stages were determined experimentally in quiet and disturbed insects. The conclusions about the applicability of the device for shaking of larvae and cones off Siberian pine, Scotch pine, European and Japanese larch were made. The design parameters of a shaker and the effectiveness of its application can be justified by the obtained results.


S.N. Orlovskiy1, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor S.A. Astapenko2 , Candidate of Biological Sciences, Engineer and Forest Pathologist S.V. Komissarov1, Senior Lecturer


1Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Mira ave., 90, Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russian Fed-eration; e-mail: 2Centre of Forest Health of Krasnoyarsk Region, Branch of the Russian Centre of Forest Health, Akademgorodok, 50 ”A”, Bl. 2, Krasnoyarsk, 660036, Russian Federation; e-mail:


insect pest, monitoring, Siberian pine cone, shaking off, device, experiments, impulse, oscillation, amplitude, acceleration, parameters, tearaway force, applicability.


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Received on July 27, 2015

Calculation of Equipment for Shaking of Cones and Larvae off Conifer Trees


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