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Dynamics of Spruce Population Under the Canopy of Birch Forests of the Southern Taiga of the Russian Plain

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A.A. Deryugin, M.V. Rubtsov

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Based on the stationary studies we analyzed the subordinate spruce population in relation to the age development stages of birch forests in the southern taiga of the Russian Plain. The sorrel-blueberry birch forests at the age of 37… 105 years were observed. Through the age development stages of birch forests the state of the spruce population degrades, the share of weakened and damaged trees increases from 29 … 83 %. The tree damage rate in depend-ence to different factors varies from 18 … 36 %. In the 95-year-old birch forests the share of such trees reaches 32 %. We revealed three types of spruce damage: defoliating of crowns more than 50 %, scrapping trunks, trunks bark damage. Spruce representation of the first two types of damage in the monitored birch forests varies within a limited range (5.8 ... 8.1 %). The loss of such trees cannot significantly affect the formation process of spruce forests. Serious consequences for the spruce population can be caused by bark peel-ing damage by moose. Spruce damageability in the second layer in the average is 33 %, reaching a maximum (47 %) in the 95-year-old birch forests. Wounds often do not heal for 30 years, harmful insects and rots damage the wood; trees are exposed to a windbreak. One of the reasons for the deterioration of spruce is a butt rot. The share of such trees in the first and second layers of a stand varies from 6 to 17 %. The greatest number of the trees dam-aged by a butt rot (0.14 thousand pcs / Ha) is observed in the birch forests in the stage of weak thinning and growth (at the age of 100 years). By the age of birch natural maturity about 0.40 thousand pcs / Ha of trees of the first and second layers can survive in a spruce population, while only 160 can be considered as normal. Within the period of birch natural maturity (120 years) the subordinate spruce population can develop into the low-density spruce stands of the IV locality class.


A.A. Deryugin, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Research Officer M.V. Rubtsov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor


Institute of Forest Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sovetskaya str., 21, Uspenskoe, Moscow Region, 143030, Russian Federation; e-mail:


central part of the Russian Plain, southern taiga, sorrel-blueberry birch forest, subordinate spruce population, state, damage, dynamics.


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Received on May 23, 2015

Dynamics of Spruce Population Under the Canopy of Birch Forests of the Southern Taiga of the Russian Plain


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