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Revisiting Protection of Forests from Illegal Felling in Vologda Region

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S.A. Korchagov, I.N. Lupanova

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Illegal felling of timber is one of the acute problems of the Russian forest sector. The share of illegal logging accounts for 10…35 % of all logging in the country. According to some experts, the illegal timber trade in Russia reaches 20 million m3 per year. The problem of illegal logging remains unresolved in Vologda region. In 2010 the cost of illegal felling damage amounted to nearly 190 million rubles, in 2011 it increased up to 257 million rubles, in 2013 it decreased slightly and reached 158 million rubles. In April 2013, at the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation the efficiency problems of the forest complex, including the issue of illegal logging, were discussed. The President V.V. Putin in his speech stressed the need to adopt strict measures designed to punish for illegal felling. In response to the President's proposals the reasonable changes, toughening penalties for the damage caused by illegal logging, were amended in the Russian Criminal Code in 2014. The issue of human resources for the forest protection requires urgent consideration. To date, the number of forest protection employees in Russia decreased from 79 to 17 thousand people. On average in Russia on a forestry worker accounts for about 55 thousand hectares of forest, and in the well-forested areas – more than 300 thousand hectares.
The problem of shortage of personnel in the forest protection activity is acute in Vologda region. All state forest divisions (except the Vologda, Ust-Cuban and Chagoda forestries) experience a staff shortage carrying out the state forest protection. Across the region, the lack of the forest inspectors is 317, that is 48 % of the standard ratio. Thus, the forests of Vologda region currently are the unguarded territory to the extent required. Solution of important and urgent problems of the region is impossible without the effective protection of forests.


S.A. Korchagov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor I.N. Lupanova, Postgraduate Student


Vologda State Dairy Farming Academy by N.V. Vereshchagin, Pankratov str., 9, Bl. 7, Molochnoye, Vologda, 160555, Russian Federation; е-mail:,


illegal felling, forest legislation, state forest service, state forestry.


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Received on October 29, 2014

Revisiting Protection of Forests from Illegal Felling in Vologda Region


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