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Procedure and Conditions of Classification Use of Industrial Enterprises for Rationing

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A.P. Brovin, A.V. Plastinin

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Forestry enterprises to uninterrupted provide its operations use large amounts of nomenclature items of inventory. Therefore, one of the pressing issues, facing businesses, is not only an effective inventory management, but also the planning of predictive rules stocks. Research and their results were processed by economical and mathematical methods, developed for mathematical models. A new algorithm and the formula for calculating inventory norms of forestry enterprises in the Arkhangelsk region for the forecast period for different groups of nomenclature. Based on the results were determined the procedure and conditions of use classification of reserves, that can be used for timely management decisions in the field of material and production resources. The opportunity to automate calculations in the existing ERP-enterprise systems is presented.


A.P. Brovin1,2,  Postgraduate Student, Head of Treasury and Finance Department , A.V. Plastinin2, Doctor of Economics, Professor


1LLC «RN-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt», 2Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov ::: 1 Talagi, 30, Arkhangelsk Region, 163530, Russia; е-mail:  2 Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny, 17, 163002 Arkhangelsk, Russia; е-mail:


Keywords: standard inventory forecasting, ABC-analysis, XYZ-analysis, extrapolation, rationing.


1. Brovin A.P., Plastinin A.V. Ispol'zovanie sistemy klassifikatsii zapasov dlya effektivnogo upravleniya imi [Using of Reserves Classification System for Their Effective Management]. Mezhdunarodnye i natsional'nye osobennosti prikladnoy ekonomiki: sbornik statey IVMezhdunarodnoy nauchno-prakticheskoy konferentsii [International and National Characteristics of Applied Economics: Collected Papers of IV Int. Sci. Conf.]. Penza, 2010, pp. 24-27. 2. Gadzhinskiy A.M. Logistika [Logistics]. Moscow, 2001. 263 p. 3. Sterligova A.N. Upravlenie zapasami shirokoy nomenklatury. S chego nachat'? [Management of Actual Reserves of Extensive Assortment]. LogInfo: Zhurnal, 2003, no. 12, pp. 50-55.

Procedure and Conditions of Classification Use of Industrial Enterprises for Rationing


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