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Crossing Point Data of Cutting Edges District of Blades Grinding Tacking

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V.I. Kovalev, Y.D. Alashkevich

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The grinding process renders significant impact on the quality of semi-finished product. Assessment of quality semi-finished product is directly related to the solution of particular problems, solving one of which is presented in this paper. For straight cutting edges of rotor and stator blades, these and other problems have been solved. The fragments of circuit work surface of centered disk interface with concentric circle cutter unit of rotating rotor and fixed stator blades in the initial and arbitrary position are presented - when the drive unit and the cutting edge of the rotor blade made of combined rotation about the center and the cutting edge of the stator at a predetermined angle. Equations of the circumferential cutting edge of individual blades of the rotor and the stator are composed. The solution of these equations is the canonical form of a quadratic equation. The roots of this equation, is the sought result. The obtained result (with a uniform distribution on the blade of a disc rotor and stator) creates a comprehensive background for: determination the dependence of the angle between the tangent to the cutting edges of the circumferential blades (in their crossing point) from the angle of rotation of the rotor disc; calculation the angle between the tangent to the cutting edges of circumferential blades (in their crossing point); calculation of the use factor of the length of the cutting edges of blades; its experimental verification. For other compartitions (such as sectorial), these methods are required special elaboration. For further studies it is required the creation of additional mathematical framework and conditions, aimed, in particular, on the following tasks: identification of the influence of useful portion of the circumference cutting edges of blades on the basic properties of papermaking pulp; physical-mechanical parameters of casting, as well as technological and energy-strength characteristics of the knife grinding machine, to identify the most optimal values of the useful length of the straight cutting edges for various blades of fiber semi-finished products, according to their physical-mechanical characteristics and properties; carrying out the correlation of main technological parameters considering the useful part of the length of the cutting edges of the blades.


V.I. Kovalev, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor, Y.D. Alashkevich, Doctor of Engineering, Professor
Siberian State Technological University
Prospekt Mira, 82, 660049, Krasnoyarsk, Russia,


Siberian State Technological University


tacking, disc, point, edge, blade, circumferential, surface, radius, distribution, cutting, crossing point, transcendental, certain angle.


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Crossing Point Data of Cutting Edges District of Blades Grinding Tacking


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