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Development and Research of Management Systems for Thinning Operations Modes for the Forest

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V.S. Petrovsky, V.V. Malyshev

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In the process of forest plantations formation the main role belongs to the thinning operations for the forest, which provides planting with intended quality, increases the productivity and stability of forest plantations. It is proposed the target function of increasing the productivity of pine stands that maximizes the yield of stem wood from 1 hectare per year tree planting with the lowering of the age of technical ripeness of plantations. Optimization of the frequency and intensity of thinning operations for the forest will allow to conduct the forehanded cutting, not admit the over-dense plantations and shape stands with optimal growing space of each tree. Management of thinning operations should be carried out with the implementation of the principle of consistency when each exhausting is considered in complex interconnection with the further thinning operation, as an integral part of all inertial time-phased process. Mathematical models of the progress of forest growth with thinning operation and control of forest stands, without cutting and their reactions to the goings have been received. The dynamics parameters of growth course of normal even-aged stands of Scots pine without cuttings, various growth classes are introduced. Algorithm and program of optimization ages and intensity of the felling have been developed. Studies of the efficiency indexes of management computer support of thinning operation regimes have been carried out, numeric evaluations of optimality criteria of pine stands exhausting and forest growing have been resumed. The optimal intensity and frequency of harvesting, and optimal growing space of individual trees, trees density, depending on growth class and age have been defined. A common regularity during thinning operations has been shown: the intensity of thinning-out at admitting light and liberation is the maximum, then by thinning this indicator is decreased, and maximally is reduced the intensity of thinning-out to the age of accretion cutting, when you are caring for growth. The scientific and practical basis for implementation of multi-objective management of thinning operations modes for the forest has been illustrated.


V.S. Petrovsky, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, V.V. Malyshev, Candidate of Agriculture, Associate Professor
Voronezh State Forestry Engineering Academy
Timiryazeva, 8, Voronezh, 394087, Russia;


Voronezh State Forestry Engineering Academy


regularity of forests growth, thinning operations, mathematical modeling, modes and criteria of thinning, software, technical final age of plantations, the efficiency of thinning optimization, the productivity of forests, multiobjective management.


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Development and Research of Management Systems for Thinning Operations Modes for the Forest


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