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Experimental Definition of the Water Permeability of Forest Soils According to its Density

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V.Yu. Lisov, V.N. Yazov

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One of the way to increase the efficiency of stump-to-roadside equipment is to provide the highest fitness of tractors to specific operating conditions. The main factors affecting on the performance of the operations in specific environmental and production conditions are throughput and efficiency of the tractor skidding trails. Upon harvesting with low bearing capacity the impact of stump-to-roadside equipment is particularly high. As a result, by the impact of forest machines on soil, it is significantly compacted. Due to soil compaction decreases pore volume, which varies greatly due to the air-water regime, which also degrades the physiological functioning of the root systems of plants, has a negative impact on the water balance. One of the most important characteristic of water permeability properties of the soil is. Disruption of the hydrological regime in the felling area leads to waterlogging cuttings that affects permeability of harvesting machines. The purpose of the study - to determine how changes the forest soil permeability, depending on its density. Studies to determine the permeability of forest soils were conducted in October - November 2012 in the laboratory. For laboratory testing of soil samples were taken from the cutting area, located in quarter number 95 of the Morozov forestry in the Vsevolozhsky district of the Leningrad Region. The study of forest soil permeability coefficients were determined at different filtering soil density. Based on the experimental data the following conclusions were collected: filtration coefficient is a characteristic value of the soil object; with increasing soil density increases period of the water filtration; with increasing soil density its permeability is reduced by tens or hundreds times; оbtained experimental data are described by a power function. The magnitude of authenticity approximation is close to unity, indicating a good convergence of power-mode model with those obtained during the experimental research data. The practical significance of the work consists that on the basis of its results can predict the bearing capacity of soil and plan the development of felling area reclaiming.


V.Yu. Lisov, Postgraduate Student, V.N. Yazov, Senior Lecturer
Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University named after S.M. Kirov
Institutskiy per, 5, Saint Petersburg, 194021, Russia;


Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University named after S.M. Kirov


water permeability of soil, coefficient of soil seepage, passability, soil bearing capacity.


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Experimental Definition of the Water Permeability of Forest Soils According to its Density


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