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Basalt Fiber Materials as a Barrier for Ground Fire Localization

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A.I. Bezlakovskiy, V.K. Dubovyy, N.V. Sysoeva, A.V. Dyu, V.G. Gusev

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Ground forest fire is the most widespread among a such cases. Their count amounts to 97-98% and their extended square to 87-89% of all recorded. The most complex and time-consuming task is fire localization by fire extinguishing. Meanwhile, time factor have a large value. Research aim is assessment of basalt fiber material usage efficiency in the capacity of fire localization facility of ground fire, another lands with forest floor such a prairie, sowing fields and also out-of-the-way places. Mobile roll construction of fire-protective barriers has been designed and provided with landmarks for upright fitments and with carrying case. For the convenience of barrier transportation soft back pack-package was provided. Principle of fire-protective basalt fiber material’s performance is insulation of burning territory from unaffected surface cover with fire at the expense of fire moderation on an edge. Fire-protective barriers have high efficiency of usage in persistent ground fire which characterized with complete combustion of surface cover and forest floor with combustion temperature 1100 °С. Construction lightness provides opportunity of transportation by only one person to territory of fire spreading with lack of water source and to out-of-the-way places which have no any transporting way including helicopter and parachute landing. Transacted analyses confirm that all construction elements designed by authors of fire-protective barriers are incombustible, nontoxic, biostable, waterproof, with high fire resistance and durability. Barrier can be used repeatedly if his completeness not damaged. Quality assessment of basalt fiber materials was provided with using of standardized technique in compliance with specification. Barrier performance efficiency has been certificated at time of tactical exercises which were conducting by sub-unit of the Ministry of extraordinary situations on territory of the Leningrad Region. Fire-protective barriers based on basalt fiber material have been recommended for implementation in the capacity of facility of ground fire and prairie fire localization on the territory of Russian Federation by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russian in Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.


A.I. Bezlakovskiy 1, Candidate of Engineering, General Director V.K. Dubovyy 2, Doctor of Engineering, Professor N.V. Sysoeva 3, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor A.V. Dyu 3, Postgraduate Student V.G. Gusev4, Doctor of Agriculture, Head of Laboratory
1JSC «Novgorod Glass Fiber Plant»,
2Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers,
3Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov,
4Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute

Vostochnaya, 15, Velikiy Novgorod, 173011, Russia; е-mail:
2Ivana Chernykh, 4, Saint Petersburg, 198095, Russia; е-mail:
3, Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny, 17, Arkhangelsk, 163002, Russia; е-mail:
4Institutskiy pr., 21, Saint Petersburg, 194021, Russia; е-mail:


1JSC «Novgorod Glass Fiber Plant», 2Saint Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers, 3Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, 4Saint-Petersburg Forestry Research Institute


ground fires, fire-protective barriers, basalt fiber materials, ground fire localization


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Basalt Fiber Materials as a Barrier for Ground Fire Localization


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