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Timber Constructions in the European North

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V.V. Stoyanov

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It’s possible to use any designs of the timber, providing prefabricability of industrial constructions, both from the individual rods and from the blocks, panels or modules, in the European North. The core elements of industrial production are of the solid section wood, of glueboard or combined type, intensified by the layerwise reinforcement from high-modular scrims. Prefabricated elements of the spatial constructions of the constituent fragments in the form of simple and firm panels, blocks or prefabricated modules admit to create complicated cubages. It is researched mentioned constructs, workable at the Department of Metal, Wood and Plastic Constructions of Odessa State Academy of Construction Engineering and Architecture – these are layerwise reinforcement, prefabricated hyperbolic cases and lamella roofs with new designs: 1) layerwise reinforcement of high-modular materials is effective in glueboard designs, excluded ruptures between the layers. 2) fabricated shells of hyperbolic type with standard dimensions of solid wood, composite floor 12-15 m can be received, and using glueboard elements, bay can be significantly increased. 3) lamella roofs with collapsible fellies, used for reconstruction buildings covering, sports and social projects.


V.V. Stoyanov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor
Odessa State Academy of Construction Engineering and Architecture
Didrikhsona, 4, Odessa, 65029, Ukraine


Odessa State Academy of Construction Engineering and Architecture


layerwise reinforcement, prefabricated elements, hyperbolic cover.


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Timber Constructions in the European North


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