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Design Procedure of Ground-Throwing Machine Executive Device for Extinguishing Creeping Fire Borders

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S.N. Orlovsky

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In the engineering of ground-throwing machines, accomplished direct jet soil on forest fire borders, characterization the major parameters of  executive device and tractor-driven units is topical on the blue-print stage. It is necessary to receive generalized mathematical relationships to determine specific energy demands for the elements of cutting process and ground throwing. Such calculation allows to determine optimization problem of the constructive and geometrical parameters of executive devices and operating regimes in energy intensity criterion. Forest litter is a fibrous surroundings falling out of any theoretical calculations  of the ground cutting processes. So, mathematical relations, based on the rules of elasticity and plasticity theory, can be more reliable. Usage of these rules made possible elaboration of  the methods and equations for calculation of power consumption during the ground cutting and throwing of forest soil containing forest litter and dead-wood fragments by the executive device of ground-throwing machine. Mathematical relationships of specific work charges were determined for: оvercoming of elastic force demanded for cutting ground and litter; сrossing resistance of viscoplastic cutting products stream under cutter operating on contact arc with fallow and carrying on revolving encasement; сutting of roots and dead-wood; kinetic energy of cut wood and soil. These mathematic functions allowed to calculate the power waste demanded for extinguishing creeping fire borders, to estimate the balance of power expenditure at processing, depending on executive device parameters and different regimes of ground cutting. Comparison between experimental and calculated energy intensity shows that discrepancy does not exceed 6-14 %. As a results of the conducted research, rational cutting velocity, sharpening angles and blade angles, form of throwing unit fans, revolving encasement diameter, capability and range of throw, power waste necessary for the whole technological process can be determinated. The analysis of obtained results has shown that the rational cutting velocity is 5-6 m·s-1; the suggested methods of analytical energy intensity  definition of forest soil cutting and throwing give possibility to choose the cutting regimes and executive device parameters with simultaneous assessment of energy usage at the technological process on all its stages. This methods allow to reach minimum energy intensity of designing the forest fire extinguishing machines. The influence consideration of forest litter enhances accuracy of calculations for 13-21%. Realization of these methods would make possible to raise the technical level of fire extinguishing machines at the lowest damage to forest ecosystems.


S.N. Orlovsky, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor
Krasnoyarsk State Agricultural University
Prospect Mira, 90, Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia


Krasnoyarsk State Agricultural University


ground throwers, forest soil, energy intensity, energy consumption, power balance.


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Design Procedure of Ground-Throwing Machine Executive Device for Extinguishing Creeping Fire Borders


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