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Technologic Schedule on the Timberland Development for Linear Objects

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Yu.A. Shirnin, O.G. Tarasova

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The technologic schedule on the wood harvesting and hauling of timber work in the timberland, allocated for the linear objects: oil and gas pipelines, transmission facilities, roads and others is proposed. The detail technologic operations on linear objects are stated, the arrangement along the routes by stacking felling debris in future road is considered. The linear objects chopping-off  in timberlands has its specific peculiarities, so the working-out documentation, providing management and technologic process of the wood harvesting and hauling of timber by the necessary and sufficient information, is the key to quality performance. Technologic schedule, fixing the safety working and achievement the optimal technical-economic criterion, institutes in the complex: methods of generation; technologic guidelines; technical facilities; the conditions and technologic operations procedure, ensuring the receipt of finished product (the object) with quality indexes agreeable the regulations or technical documents.  Technologic operations, considered in the schedule: ground work and consolidation on site all the major points, defining the location of a route; tree felling and laying along both sides of the lane; tree felling, moving, and laying on the middle of apiary with the second tape; loping the trees with subsequent packing into the future road; felling, laying and loping the trees on the following sections of route; lading and removal of assortments; quality control of route and road.  The technologic schedule  working are provided by the passed legal acts, industrial safety rules of manufacturing entity, the general preventive fire-fighting regulations according to branch of idustry, safety requirements, recommendations, guidelines, etc.  The introduced method of cutting routes with simultaneous lumber road arrangement is recommended to use on hydromorphic soils for removal logged timber. The technologic schedule procedure is possible to use during the training of Feller - bed processor operators.


Yu.A. Shirnin, Doctor of Engineering, Professor O.G. Tarasova, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor A.V. Krenev, Postgraduate Student
Volga State University of Technology
Pl. Lenina, 3, Yoshkar-Ola, 424000, Russia


Volga State University of Technology


linear objects, timberland development, harvesting and removal timber, technologic schedule.


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Technologic Schedule on the Timberland Development for Linear Objects


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