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Formation of Stumpage Pricing in Private Forests

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A.G. Tretyakov

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The article is dedicated to the research experience of foreign countries in the formation of stumpage prices in private forests. The objects of study are the countries with predominantly private forests – Sweden and Finland. The author examined economic relations in private forests, pricing mechanism for forest resources in private forests which is determined by the method of establishing the timber rent  and requirements of forest owners to the level of stumpage fees. The article also includes the analysis of international tax systems practice that affects the level of stumpage prices and private forest owners’ economic decisions. The mechanism of incentive investments in forestry production is examined through the example of taxation of private forest owners in Sweden.


A.G. Tretyakov, Candidate of Economics
Fеrderal Forestry Agency
Pyatnitskaya street, 59/19, Moscow, 115184, Russia Е-mail:
ssia E-mail: 


Fеrderal Forestry Agency


private forests, the forest owner, stumpage price, timber rent, taxation, organisation of forestry.


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Formation of Stumpage Pricing in Private Forests


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