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Soil Cultivation and Selection Planting Site Attached to Pine Artificial Stands Creation from Containerized Seedlings

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B.A. Mochalov

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The soil fertility, soil cultivation methods and other factors affect safety and growth intensity of containerized planting material. The aim of the research is to study the influence of soil conditions on the growth intensity of containerized planting material growth and development in the first years of growth in croppers. The aim of the research included determination of chemical characteristics of substrate on seedling roots and soil in planting spots, and also cropper parameters. The object of the research is pine cropper from the 1-year containerized seedlings, planted on layers of the plough PL-1 and on the virgin soil. The soil is podzol with low fertility of mineral horizons. At the end of the second year of growth the content of phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen on the substrate on seedling roots and in mixed soil samples on the layers was 2-12 times higher than in mineral soil. The seedlings on the layers had total amount of roots emerged from the substrate which was 1,3 – 2,1 times more than on the virgin soil; the difference of weight of thin, physiologically active roots reached 9,5 times. All this has conditioned more intense growth of the croppers. In the age of 2, 4 and 6 years height, diameter and amount of growth of the plants on layers were 1,4 – 2,3 times higher than of those on the virgin soil and in the layer breaks. It has been stated that “after-planting stress” of the seedlings in the planting spots with organic-mineral and organogenic horizons possessing certain hydrophysical properties ends on the second year already, and active growth of roots and aboveground part begins. The effect of chemotropism develops in the planting material in the planting spots with lowfertile mineral soils, i.e. the roots weakly emerge from the substrate which decreases the growth intensity and conditions disproportionate development of plant for a long period. That is why it is necessary to apply the technologies with maximum possible use of the natural soil fertility at cropper creation and soil cultivation.


B.A. Mochalov, Doctor of Agriculture
Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov
Naberezhnaya Severnoy Dviny, 17, Arkhangelsk, 163002, Russia


Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov


containerized seedlings of pine, artificial crops, soil productivity, planting spot, roots, cropper growth.


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Soil Cultivation and Selection Planting Site Attached to Pine Artificial Stands Creation from Containerized Seedlings


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