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Use of Biomass Briquettes in the Municipal Heating System of Small Communities

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V.A. Petrinchik, A.S. Tsarev

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Small communities in Russia have been experiencing problems with heat supply. The constant growth of fuel and transportation rates leads to higher heating prices. This, in turn, makes local goods uncompetitive and provokes social problems. The article highlights one of the ways to solve these problems: using fuel from local wood waste (pellets and biomass briquettes). We show that the most favourable choice for small communities are biomass briquettes and propose their optimization, taking into account the specific features of the settlements, wood waste and heat consumption. In addition, the article examines the basic thermal characteristics of briquettes: calorific value, moisture content and drying processes.  The optimal drying of raw material for biomass briquettes is the one that provides drying of up to 20 % of volumetric moisture content. The experiment conducted by the authors showed that at long-term storage (one heating season) of fuel briquettes in stock their optimum moisture content is from 10 % of volumetric moisture content (according to western standards) to approximately 20–25 %. The most favourable solution is, in our opinion, creating a system of heat supply to small communities where raw materials and their quality, as well as transportation and combustion processes, are perfectly suited to each other.


V.A. Petrinchik, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor; A.S. Tsarev, Postgraduate Student

Vologda State Technical University
Lenin, 15, Vologda, 160000, Russia


Vologda State Technical University


wood waste, pellets, biomass briquettes, optimization, boiler-house, efficiency.


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Use of Biomass Briquettes in the Municipal Heating System of Small Communities


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