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Technology and Structural Configuration of a Fire-Fighting Soil-Thrower

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S.N. Orlovsky

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Increasing the efficiency of soil-throwers to extinguish ground fires at their edges is an issue of utmost importance. The paper studied how the design of the soil-thrower and structural configuration of the fire-fighting unit affects fire extinguishing. The research program assessed the effect of the soil-thrower's design features on extinguishing forest fire at its edges and occupational safety when the unit gets into the convective flow zone of the current edge. The studies were conducted under natural conditions on the model tractor-drawn front-mounted soil-thrower with hydraulic actuator based on TT-4 skidder. A relation between the supply of extinguishant (soil) and the area of ??the fire edge was obtained; the choice of direction of soil throwing and the structural configuration of the fire-fighting soil-thrower were justified. The author proves it possible to reduce the width of the line covered with soil by digging a trench near the extinguished edge and to make the unit more efficient at frontal extinguishing. In addition, the paper studied the influence of aerodynamic separation of the thrown soil along the jet length, depending on the sailing coefficient, on the process of fire edge extinguishing. The obtained results allow us to justify the design and structural configuration of the tractor-drawn unit with front-mounted soil-thrower in the form of a rotary thrower with a movable guide casing and determine soil-throwing parameters in order to increase the throwing range and control the range and direction of the soil jet during operation.


S.N. Orlovsky, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

1 St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University,
2 Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov
pr. Mira, 90, Krasnoyarsk, 660049, Russia Е


1 St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University, 2 Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov


soil-thrower, technology, fire extinguishing, structural configuration, design.


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Technology and Structural Configuration of a Fire-Fighting Soil-Thrower


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