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Comparative Growth of Artificial Pine and Larch Stands in Herb Pine Forests

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V.V. Kostyshev

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We studied 60-year-old trees after their transition from the polewood phase, which coincides with the end of intensive loss of planted trees and is characterized by rapid accumulation of bodywood mass in the stem formation phase. This allows us to determine the prospects of stand formation to maturity. The paper aimed to compare the efficiency of pure pine and larch stands using variation statistics; reveal the differences in the growth of planted trees by diameter, and show the effect produced by birch in the stand composition. Pure larch stands being planted in herb pine forests are less productive than pure pine stands, traditionally grown in these conditions. Larch stands, unlike the pine ones, had by 60 years' age not matured either in terms of quantity or technical exploitability; the period of larch growing has to be extended by one age-class. 60-year-old birch trees  in pine and larch stands reach the optimal size to be used as a raw material in plywood production, which should be harvested in the process of thinning prior to accretion cutting.


V.V. Kostyshev, Postgraduate Student

The Ural State Forest Engineering University
Sibirskiy trakt, 37, Yekaterinburg, 620100, Russia


The Ural State Forest Engineering University


pine, larch, artificial stands, growth, variability of forest inventory indices.


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Comparative Growth of Artificial Pine and Larch Stands in Herb Pine Forests


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