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Fibrous Interlayer Model at Milling

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S.N. Vikharev, S.A. Dushinina

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The paper studied fibrous interlayer in the clearance between the rotor and stator. The authors have developed and studied a model of fibrous interlayer at milling at fluid and boundary friction of tackings. Interlayer models at these types of friction and at periodic effect of tacking blades on the interlayer were substantiated. This is the first comprehensive research of its kind. The authors have developed a mathematical model and validated it experimentally. The paper shows how the degree of milling and the average length of fiber in the mass change at compression strain on the fibrous interlayer. An equation of fibrous interlayer model deformation at fluid and boundary types of friction was obtained. Conditions for directed milling were investigated.


S.N. Vikharev, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor; S.A. Dushinina, Postgraduate Student

The Ural State Forest Engineering University
Sibirskiy trakt, 37, 620100 Yekaterinburg, Russia


The Ural State Forest Engineering University


fibrous interlayer, tacking, strain, deformation.


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Fibrous Interlayer Model at Milling


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