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Justification of Peripheral Segment Machining Parameters

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А.А. Fomin,

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Parabolic cutting of logs produces large lumber waste (peripheral segments, laths, etc.) which mainly consist of high quality wood fiber. Therefore, large lumber waste is not appropriate to use for the production of fuel pellets, but rather for direct application pro-ducts: furniture items, products for interior finish of rooms, construction of modern houses, etc. Machining of large lumber waste and further manufacturing of quality wood products will enhance sustainable use of wood, save material and energy resources, stabilize and improve the environmental situation through the conservation of natural forests, crucial for oxygen regeneration. At the same time, large lumber waste in terms of machining is a very low-tech harvesting due to unpredictable shape and size and heterogeneous properties of the material, stochastic arrangement of knots and lack of developed technological bases. This causes serious problems at machining. Such instability makes high machining performance and accurate finished products from lumber waste problematic. The paper aimed to determine the elements of profile cutting of large lumber waste and energy parameters which form the basis for designing equipment and the process of peripheral segment machining. To achieve this aim we have carried out theoretical and experimental researches of lumber waste profile cutting. We have analyzed alternative schemes of blank sliding location, of profile up-cutting and down-cutting, as well as possible additional work rests in the cutting zone. This analysis helped substantiate a scheme of profile cutting of large lumber waste, which was implemented in an actual machine model for large lumber waste machining. The obtained process variables for peripheral segment treatment and cutting power are the background information required to develop quality equipment and profile cutting of peripheral segments.


А.А. Fomin, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

Vladimir State University
Gorkogo, 87, 600026 Vladimir, Russia


Vladimir State University


peripheral segment, profile cutting, machining, fixed location, cutting power, cutting mode.


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Justification of Peripheral Segment Machining Parameters


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