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Model of Traffic Flow Modes on Logging Roads

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V.K. Kuryanov, A.V. Skrypnikov, E.V. Kondrashova, V.A. Morkovin

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The main principles of forest exploitation are nowadays the continuous and inexhaustible use of forest products. An important role is performed by forest transport, which serves as an interlink between the structural elements of the forest industry and largely determines the affordability of timber in forest areas and their rational use. In modern conditions, the efficiency of the transport component of logging roads is determined by the degree of traffic flow specification and by its most important characteristics – the speed. There are numerous methods for calculating speeds of single vehicles, varying in preconditions and assumptions underlying them. The ultimate goal of improving each of the methods is to establish the closest correspondence between the estimated and actual velocities under specified conditions. The researchers have examined various factors affecting the rate of speed of vehicles and methods of calculating their average, as well as made experimental observations. Based on the procedures described, we have formed a software package allowing us to build a model of traffic flow modes, including single vehicles, depending on road conditions and perform further analysis of the phenomena and processes in order to predict and prevent road accidents.


V.K. Kuryanov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor ; A.V. Skrypnikov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor; E.V. Kondrashova, Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor; V.A. Morkovin, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor

Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies
Timiryazeva, 8, 394087 Voronezh, Russia


Voronezh State Academy of Forestry and Technologies


logging road, traffic flow, speed, road conditions, truck.


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Model of Traffic Flow Modes on Logging Roads


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