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Improving the Process Equipment for Containerized Undergrowth Replanting

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K.P. Rukomoynikov

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The paper suggests variants of replaceable and multioperational process equipment for complex reforestation with mechanical undergrowth replanting in forest compartment. The author analyzed the existing methods and designs of machines and mechanisms for undergrowth replanting. Methods of patent search and experimental data analysis were used in this research. Expediency of undergrowth replanting and its high survival rate are confirmed by numerous researchers. Replanting of containerized undergrowth is more efficient than that of bare-root undergrowth. The presented technology of undergrowth replanting involves using a universal machine for all operations of this process. Undergrowth is dug out in the cutting area where logging has not yet been started and is likely to damage the undergrowth. The undergrowth is then transported and planted in another cutting area where it is scarce and where logging has already been done. Its establishment, genetic value and resistance to pests and diseases are much higher than those of nursery crops. In addition, this method gives an opportunity to form unevenly aged stands. The technological equipment has proven its efficiency in operating conditions. A machine with this type of digging device will allow one to dig out the undergrowth without breaking its lump of soil and plant it in the cutting area. Theoretical and experimental studies on the integrated development of a forest compartment proved this area of engineering and technology to be promising. Part of the research has already been introduced in production after industrial testing of the technology of integrated development of forest areas using logging equipment for undergrowth replanting (in the training and experimental forestry of the Volga State University of Technology). The results can be used for further development of forest areas.


K.P. Rukomoynikov, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor, Doctoral Student

Volga State University of Technology
Pl. Lenina, 3, 424000 Yoshkar-Ola, Russia


Volga State University of Technology


cutting, process equipment, reforestation, undergrowth, grapple, roots, stock digging-up, planting.


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Improving the Process Equipment for Containerized Undergrowth Replanting


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