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Wood Harvesting Technology in Mountain Forests of the Far East

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A.B. Zhirnov,  A.V. Baranov, N.A. Kostenko

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Developing the technical process of wood harvesting in mountain forests, one must be aware of the impact of logging machines on the soil and undergrowth, depending on their technology and the natural and climatic conditions of a particular region.  The most reliable way to determine whether the technical processes of mountain logging operations meet the requirements is testing them by experience. The data obtained gives an idea about the possibility of applying the wood harvesting technology in the mountains without violating the forest legislation. To achieve this aim we field-tested the technology in wood harvesting on slopes of more than 20°. It was a passive experiment, the data of interest being reordered (quantity of undergrowth and forest thinners, the area and degree of soil cover damage). Operation testing  of the developed technology was conducted in the Amur Region using the system of feller-delimber-bunchers  "Timberjack 2618" with the harvester head "Timberjack 726V" + + gasoline chain saw "Husqvarna 240" + cable hauler "Owren-400Ru" on the basis of "KAMAZ" truck.  The operation testing of the proposed wood harvesting technology in mountain forests has shown that it meets the necessary requirements. This technology differs from the existing ones in terms of combination of mechanized and machine methods of logging in mountain cutting areas using haulers. The developed technology can be used outside the Far East taking into account the natural and climatic conditions of a particular region.


A.B. Zhirnov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, A.V. Baranov, Senior Lecturer, N.A. Kostenko, Senior Lecturer

Far East State Agricultural University
Politekhnicheskaya, 86, 675005, Blagoveshchensk, Russia


Far East State Agricultural University


cable hauler, slope, band, handler, track, trees, stockpile, soil.


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Wood Harvesting Technology in Mountain Forests of the Far East


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