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Lesnoy Zhurnal


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2011 год


N.B. Nureev

Forest Soils of Vyatka Ridge Region within Mari El Republic

N.P. Chernobrovkina, E.V. Robonen

Effect of Boron Provision on Silver Birch Growth and Accumulation of Mineral Nutrition Elements

E.V. Prokhorova, A.A. Prokhorova

Analysis of Phenotypic Structure of Clone Spruce Progeny in Archive

V.L. Chernykh, A.A. Domrachev, A.S. Elsukov, N.G. Kiseleva, N.N. Okhotin

Regularities of Commodity Composition of Planted Pine Stands in Povolzhie Region

A.A. Prokhorova

Assessment of Vital State of Roadside Pineries according to Turpentine Stains Length

N.V. Demicheva, S.A. Denisov, V.M. Egorov

To Choosing Reforestation Methods for Pine Forests of Penza Region

V.N. Karasev, M.A. Karaseva

Peculiarities of Water Regime of Common Spruce in Early Spring Period


A.A. Komissarenkov, V.G. Khorkov

Conditioning of Recycled Paper at Pulping Stage by Using Modified Fillers

T.F. Lichutina, M.A. Gusakova, I.V. Miskevich, S.P. Tsyganov, T.V. Soboleva

Ecological Assessment of Production at Pulp-and-paper Enterprises of Northern Dvina River Basin according to European Standards

D.G. Chukhchin, N.A. Matonina, E.V. Novozhi-lov, O.M. Sokolov

Characterization of Water-soluble Lignin-carbohydrate Complexes Derived from Wood Treated by Electron-beam Plasma

.V. Kotenyova, V.I. Sidorov, I.A. Kotlyarova

Investigation of Modified Cellulose Structure

A. S. Smolin, v. K. Dubovyj, D.Yu. Komarov

«Foam» Technique of Papery Composites Molding

V.I. Komarov, E.V. Diakova, M.N. Dmitrievа

Investigation of Interfibrillar Interaction in Paper Structure

V.P. Sivakov, I.A. Partin

Under Dynamic Processes in High-pressure Feeder Unloading


S.V. Zalesov

By Eightieth Birthday of Forestry Scientist

I.I. Stepanenko

Biogeocenology – source of inspiration and creation (by 80th birthday of Kamil Dgigan-shievich Muhamedshin)


G. A. Chibisob, A.P. Fomin

Forest Research in the North is 100 Years


Yu.M. Romashov

Methodological Issues of Forest Plans Development in Russian Federation Subjects

G.A. Preshkin

Economic Factors Analysis in Cost Formation of Forest Resources


A.S. Toropov

Perfection of English Oak Cutout Affected by Included Sapwood Caused by Low Tempera-tures Effect

I.M. Merkushev

Statics of Defect-free Drying of Sawn Timber


V.I. Posmetiev, V.A. Zelikov, A.I. Tretyakov, V.V. Posmetiev

On Possibility of Using Recuperative Energy of Forest Soil Cultivating Machine for Technological Process Intensification

D.V. Kuzmin, O.A. Tomilova

Dynamics Simulation of Multicircuit Mechanisms based on Acceleration Analogs Approximated by Piecewise Linear Functions

S.V. Posypanov

Combined Calculating Method of Round Tim-ber Pile Stacked on Horizontal Foundation

V.A. Alferov

Experimental Research of Additional Running Resistance of Timber Carrier according to Curves in Plane

V.P. Stukov

Optimization of Connections Placement among Branches in Wood Reinforced Concrete Beam of Road Bridge Superstructure

E.V. Makoveeva

Statistical Identification of Dynamic System “Microprofile of Crane Tracks – Carriage Loading of KB- type Crane”


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