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2018 год


V.M. Lebedev, E.V. Lebedev

Functioning of the Leaf Apparatus, Root System and Biological Productivity of Siberian Larch on the Level of the Organism in Ontogeny (the Case of Larch Forests of the Arkhangelsk Region)

B.A. Kentbaeva

Dust-Catching Capacity of the Hawthorn Leaf Blade

A.V. Kul'kova

Correlation of Indices of Root Formation and Post-Regeneration Development of Cuttings of Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) H. Karst.)

D.V. Logunov

Seasonal Dynamics of Basic Needle Pigments of Some Representatives of the Genus Larch (Larix Mill.) in a Climate of the Nizhny Novgorod Region

A.O. Esichev

Correlation of Characteristics of the Needle Pigment Combination of Representatives of the Genus Larch (Larix Mill.) in the Arboretum of the Sergachsky Forestry in the Nizhny Novgorod Region

L.V. Zarubina, V.N. Konovalov

Accumulation Dynamics of Plastid Pigments in Spruce Undergrowth in Ontogenesis of the Bilberry Birch Forest

G.V. Davydova, I.V. Laskin

Forests of the Irkutsk Region: is there a Balance between Disposal and Recovery?

A.P. Kovalev, M.A. Sheshukov, V.V. Pozdnyakova

Regeneration Method of Cedar Forests in the Far East

R.S. Khamitov, M.A. Andronova, A.M. Antonov

Variability of Siberian Stone Pine Cone Production under Conditions of Introduction


A.E. Prismakova, A.B. Dyagileva, A.I. Smirnova

Rheological Properties of Sulfate Lignin Modified by the Sol-Gel Method

S.I. Tret'yakov, A.A. Glukhanov

Optimization of Sulphate Soap Washing with Acid Water and the Quality Conformance Assessment of Tall Oil with Regulatory Requirements


E.V. Mikryukova, A.S. Toropov, V.M. Pekmenov

Study of the Board Output from the Saws when Cant Sawing Parallel to Generatrix

Sh. G. Zaripov

Systematization of Factors Affecting the Cracking of Larch Lumber during Wood Drying


S.N. Orlovskiy

Technology of Deep Root Irrigation of Forest Seedlings in Shelterbelts

A.V. Abuzov, P.B. Ryabukhin

Investigation of Cargo Suspension Oscillations of the Timber-Hauling Aerial Logging System


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